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AI-Powered Analytics for CPG Companies

Accelerating analytics for consumer goods companies with AI-driven automated insights and natural language ad hoc data exploration

CPG Analytics

CPG Analytics Leaders Choose Tellius

With shelf space at a premium, increasing market share is a top concern for all CPG companies. Tellius helps to democratize data for CPG organizations by providing a self-service way to explore and analyze data for category management, shopper insights, marketing, and supply chain teams. By leveraging Tellius AI-powered analytics, CPG companies accelerate their journey to becoming data-driven with an intuitive platform designed for simplifying ad hoc analysis across multiple data sources.

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Category Management

Understand what’s driving changes in your categories faster and easier than ever. Tellius makes it easy to leverage data to answer critical category questions. See the whole picture of your data by combining sales data, retailer data, and syndicated market research on one platform. Evaluate the effectiveness of pricing and promotional strategies with natural language search and automated insight generation.

Learn how a global company’s category development team optimized promotions and identified new growth opportunities to better position themselves for market share growth.

Category Management Use Case
Category Management

Shopper Insights

Unlock tremendous value for marketing, sales, product, and category management with the power of AI. With Tellius, shopper insights teams can create shopper profiles faster than ever with intuitive segmentation tools. Root cause analysis allows shopper insights teams to find new strategies for customer retention.

Read how a leading food and beverage company developed shopper profiles 10x faster with a 90% effectiveness leveraging Tellius.

Shopper Insights Use Case
Shopper Insights

Omnichannel Analysis

Analyze data from every interaction your customers have across the company. With Tellius, CPG organizations can bring together data from POS systems, in-store sensors, social media, email marketing, and much more to provide a holistic view in the customer journey. Real-time monitoring allows for quick iterations on promotions.

Learn how a multinational consumer healthcare company optimized promotions spend, inventory allocation, and pricing to improve forecasting and market share growth.

Omnichannel Analysis Use Case
Omnichannel Analysis

Self-Service Analytics

Leverage AI to eliminate organizational bottlenecks and increase analytics agility. Tellius breaks the analytics cycle with AI-powered self-service analytics for all. Enable domain experts with natural language search and automated insights to drive more value across the organization.

Read how a global pharmaceutical company’s new drug gained favorable access status, leading to a successful market launch and subsequent strong adoption, using AI analytics

Self-Service Analytics Use Case
Self-Service Analytics

Supply Chain Optimization

Improve demand forecasting accuracy, inventory optimization, supply chain efficiency, and risk management. Tellius provides a simple and intuitive interface to bring together all your data. Demand forecasting, inventory optimization, and real-time visibility into the supply chain help to reduce risk across the business.

Learn how a leading CPG organization’s supply chain analytics team leverages Tellius to identify underlying drivers of supply chain inefficiency.

Supply Chain Use Case
Net Revenue Management

Net Revenue Management

Managing trade spend efficiently and ensuring positive ROI is a hurdle for many CPG organizations. Tellius enables you to explore the differences between internal and external factors by creating a single source of truth for sales, pricing, promotion, trade spend, and consumer behavior data. Design and execute promotions to drive sales without eroding profits.

Learn how a leading CPG firm’s category development team increased promotional sales by 15% leading to $1m in additional revenue with Tellius.

Learn how a leading CPG organization’s supply chain analytics team leverages Tellius to identify underlying drivers of supply chain inefficiency.

Net Revenue Management Use Case
CPG Quote
  • Haleon (formerly GSK Consumer Health)

"With Tellius at our fingertips, we can just ask data questions and get answers ourselves. That’s a lot easier—and it’s more of a dynamic data conversation—versus ad hoc requests back and forth between analyst and business teams.”

Jaime Romano

Senior Director, Category Development & Capability/NRM


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