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Category Management

Understand what’s driving changes in your categories faster and easier than ever

Keeping up with the pace of change in category management can be overwhelming without timely and correct data backing every decision. Assortment ranking, shelf-space optimization, and personalization are daunting tasks, especially with a backlogged data team. Category management teams must balance growing relationships with retail partners with hitting lofty sales targets. The prospect of growth with the current competitive landscape means identifying new potential product opportunities in a timely manner while understanding how these products fit in with shifting consumer behavior and rapid demographic shifts.

Category managers have their work cut out for them, but AI-powered analytics can help.

AI-Powered Analytics for Category Management Teams

Tellius makes it easy to leverage data to answer critical category questions. Using visual data preparation tools on the platform, category managers can combine sales data, syndicated market research data (from Nielsen, IRI, Kantar, et al.), retailer data, and more. Category managers can understand key drivers around why a promotion was successful more easily with automated insights. Tellius comes with the ability to recognize key customer segments within their data and track anomalies as they occur.

Tellius helps category managers grow market share, hit sales goals, and create better relationships with retailers. The platform offers:

  • A Google-like natural language search interface and AutoViz layer for ad hoc data exploration
  • Intuitive point-and-click live dashboarding, reporting, and embedded analytics
  • Robust automated insights to isolate key drivers, root causes, and anomalies
  • Accessible advanced analytics, such as AutoML

This approach allows category management teams to self-serve ad hoc analysis to better inform decision-making and become truly data-driven.
Search Queries

Market Share Analysis

Pinpointing new growth opportunities is a difficult challenge for many category managers. Tellius helps to alleviate this burden by answering questions in simple natural language. Time-consuming processes like customer segmentation are made simple with automated insights. Tellius allows category managers to understand and respond to market shifts quicker than ever.

Brand Performance

From understanding what brands are driving the most sales to measuring market share and brand loyalty, category managers can take advantage of the Tellius AI-powered analytics platform to measure brand performance like never before. Category managers can take advantage of autoML capabilities to run regression analysis to understand the relationship between price, promotions, and sales.

Pricing and Promotions Strategy

With Tellius, organizations can leverage the power of AI-powered analytics to evaluate the effectiveness of pricing and promotional strategies quicker than ever. The platform allows category management teams to pull together historical sales data with retailer, competitor, and syndicated data to see the full picture behind pricing and promotions. Tellius automatically spots outliers and trends in visualizations, providing assistance with understanding price elasticities and demand forecasting. Real-time monitoring allows category managers to understand strategies as they are executed.

Category Management

Customer Segmentation

Tellius allows CPG organizations to understand key customer segments to target the right products to the right demographic more effectively. With the platform, category managers can more simply tailor pricing and promotion strategies for specific needs and preferences in each segment.

Assortment Optimization

Staying up to date on the latest category trends requires careful research and the right data. By combining all the relevant data (sales, competitor, retailer, and syndicated data), category management teams can better understand evolving consumer behavior and offer unique value propositions with new product introductions.

Customer Success Story

The category development team at a leading global CPG company lacked a single source of truth and a self-service way to determine sales drivers to help them optimize promotion, planning, and pricing. Category analysts were reliant on other teams to provide/validate data from multiple sources (e.g., POS, market, shipment, or marketing data) upon which they performed analysis to determine root causes (e.g., Did promotions increase on feature/displays drive sales? Did stockouts cause drops?) in order to identify promotions, shopper profiles, and stores/areas with high ROI.

The firm’s category development center of excellence team tackled this problem by utilizing Tellius’ natural language query and ad hoc exploration capabilities to provide the category team with a holistic view of sales drivers. This resulted in more optimized promotions spending, new growth opportunities (such as new store locations based on ideal customer profiles), better inventory allocation (to avoid stockouts, optimize supply chain costs, and reduce inventory clawbacks), and ultimately, better positioning for market share growth.

Why Tellius for Category Management Analytics

  • Automatically analyze millions of data points to identify true drivers and root causes to help meet sales goals.
  • Ask and answer market trends and customer behavior-related questions to identify the levers to pull to unlock value.
  • Unify internal and third-party party data, perform last-mile data prep as necessary, and dive into analysis faster in one place.
  • Assist with forecasting and regression through AutoML and accessible ML modeling capabilities.

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