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Supply Chain Analytics

Improve demand forecasting accuracy, inventory optimization, supply chain efficiency, and risk management

CPG companies face a wide range of issues getting value out of supply chain analytics today. Seasonality, promotions, and changing consumer preferences often cause varying demand patterns. While predicting demand accurately is crucial to optimizing inventory levels and production planning, it can be difficult with the number of variables involved. Within these variables, consumer preference in particular has been extremely volatile in recent years due to emerging trends and external events like the pandemic. As quickly as these changes occur, supply chain decisions need to be made in real time to respond, and legacy analytics providers do not allow for quick turnaround of analysis.

Supply chain analytics can be fraught with challenges. However, AI-powered analytics can help.

AI-Powered Analytics for Supply Chain Analysis

Tellius is a modern AI-powered analytics platform designed to overcome the challenges associated with supply chain management. The platform allows you to quickly bring together your POS, supplier, demand, and production data to better inform demand forecasting. Tellius helps CPG companies keep up with the pace of change by enabling easy ad hoc analysis with natural language search and automated insight generation. With real-time analytics, supply chain teams can automatically detect outliers and anomalies and be alerted when there are changes to inventory levels or the order fulfillment process.

The Tellius AI-powered analytics platform allows domain experts in the supply chain to get the most value out of their analytics strategy. The platform offers:

  • Improved demand forecasting with the ability to create a single source of truth for all your supply chain data, including ERP systems, TMS, POS, supplier, demand, production, and much more with intuitive data preparation capabilities.
  • Real-time visibility into inventory levels, production progress, and order fulfillment via a lightning-fast analytics engine with anomaly detection and alerting.
  • Easy-to-understand tools for ad hoc data exploration and analysis with a Google-like natural language search and automated insight generation.

Search Queries

Improved Demand Forecasting

Tellius enables improved demand forecasting by providing a complete picture of all of your data, a lightning-fast analytics engine for quick answers, and intuitive tools to simplify analysis. No matter where it lives, Tellius has a way to connect to your data and provide a holistic view into POS to demand and logistics data. The platform enables sub-second response times for business questions. By incorporating all of the relevant data, supply chain analysts can better understand how promotions, discounts, and special events impact demand.

Enhanced Inventory Management

With Tellius, supply chain analysts can leverage advanced AI-powered analytics tools to improve inventory management. Point-and-click predictive analytics tools allow every supply chain analyst to leverage regression, classification, and clustering to improve inventory analysis. Classification helps to identify products based on sales, volume, value, and demand variability to help focus resources on high-impact products. Regression analysis can be used for improved promotion planning, SKU rationalization, and lead time analysis.

Real-Time Visibility

Immediate issue detection enables swift responses to prevent disruptions and minimize impact on operations. Tellius comes with real-time anomaly detection and alerting, allowing supply chain analysts to keep up to date on the latest issues with the supply chain. With real-time visibility enabled by Tellius’ Dual Analytics Engine, supply chain analysts can monitor demand fluctuations and adjust inventory levels, production schedules, and distribution strategies in response to sudden changes.

Supply Chain

Better Supplier Collaboration

Tellius provides a wide range of tools to help improve collaboration with CPG suppliers. Supply chain analysts leverage Tellius’ Vizpad capabilities to track supplier performance based on on-time delivery, quality, lead times, and responsiveness. With automated root cause analysis, every supply chain analyst can identify the causes of supply chain disruptions or quality problems. Supply chain analysts can leverage the ad hoc analysis capabilities of Tellius in supplier meetings to quickly identify potential issues and plan efforts to reduce overstocking and stockouts.

Optimized Promotions and Marketing

Data-driven insights help supply chain analysts to plan, execute, and evaluate promotional campaigns more effectively. With Tellius’ automated insights, customer segmentation is as simple as a few clicks, segmenting customers based on purchasing behavior, demographics, and preferences. After promotions, supply chain analysts leverage Tellius to understand if promotions led to stockouts or overstock situations.

Customer Success Story

The supply chain team at a CPG company struggled to identify product delay root causes due to inaccessible data stored in legacy databases with no reporting capability and skill gaps.

The team now uses Tellius for easily accessible, up-to-date metric tracking, dashboarding, natural language search for ad hoc investigative work, and automated insights to diagnose what drove process failures and segment identification of processes most prone to failure. Proactively attacking problems, the firm has reduced its aggregate process cycle time by 30%, reacting more quickly to issues while also being able to granularly pinpoint down to the manufacturing plant level where issues arise.

Why Tellius for Supply Chain Analytics

  • Automatically analyze millions of data points to identify true drivers and root causes to identify disruptions.
  • Ask and answer critical inventory questions to unlock value for the entire organization.
  • Unify data across all channels, perform last-mile data prep as necessary, and dive into analysis faster in one place.
  • Predict overstock and stockout situations through AutoML and accessible ML modeling capabilities.

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