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Shopper Insights

Understand evolving shopper behavior faster by leveraging data and the power of AI

At modern consumer packaged goods organizations, shopper insights teams are critical to understanding consumers and providing valuable data-driven insights to key stakeholders in sales, marketing, and product development. However, shopper insights teams face the challenge of grappling with the increasing size and complexity of data. Integrating sales data with data from syndicated market research providers and consumer surveys is both technically complex and time-consuming. Many shopper insights teams’ productivity is bottlenecked by overburdened data teams who simply cannot fulfill every request in a timely manner.

Shopper insights teams can drive more value for CPG organizations, and AI-powered analytics can help.

AI-Powered Analytics for Shopper Insights Teams

With Tellius, shopper insights teams can unlock tremendous value for marketing, sales, product, category management, and more at CPG organizations. Tellius is an intuitive platform designed to provide quick ad hoc data analysis for shopper insights teams at scale. Combining sales data with syndicated data from Nielsen, IRI, and more is easy with point-and-click data preparation tools. Natural language search allows teams to simply ask questions of their data. The Tellius Dual Analytics Engine provides results instantly, and AutoViz provides best-fit visualizations for the query.

Tellius helps shopper insights become the central backbone of decision-making and strategic planning at CPG companies. The platform offers:

  • Natural language search for ad hoc data exploration and analysis
  • Point-and-click data preparation to combine proprietary data with syndicated market research
  • Deep automated insight generation to understand trends, customer segmentation, market basket analysis, and more
  • AutoML capabilities to save time on complex analysis like forecasting, regression, and cluster analysis

Tellius helps shopper insights teams unlock bottlenecks and help infuse a data-driven approach throughout the organization.
Search Queries

Understanding Consumer Behavior

Understanding ever-changing consumer behavior is a monumental task. Shopper insights teams leveraging Tellius benefit from the ability to combine transaction data with loyalty program data and syndicated market research to provide a holistic view of consumer behavior. Automated insights uncover trends in purchase data to identify consumer preferences and inform inventory strategy.

Segmentation and Personalization

With segmentation and personalization strategies, shopper insights teams help marketing better tailor offerings to consumers. With Tellius’ automated insights capabilities, shopper insights teams can create shopper profiles faster than ever with simple segmentation. Shopper insights teams also use AutoML capabilities to understand relationships between products and different segments.

Optimize Marketing Strategies

From bringing together all the relevant data to creating shopper profiles more efficiently, shopper insights teams use Tellius to help identify consumer segments and inform better marketing campaigns. Shopper insights teams leverage Vizpads in Tellius to stay updated on marketing campaign KPIs, as well as track and measure ROI.
Shopper Insights

Promotion Effectiveness

Shopper insights teams play a significant role in informing promotion strategies. With Tellius, shopper insights teams can leverage all available data to develop targeted and effective promotional campaigns. Leveraging historical data and real-time sales data, combined with alerting and monitoring tools, provides new insights into promotion effectiveness.

Customer Retention

Understanding consumer behavior, preferences, and purchase patterns provides deep context to inform customer retention strategies for shopper insights teams. Tellius has built-in key driver analysis to provide deep insights into delivering strategies to retain and nurture existing customers. Predictive analytics allow shopper insights teams to identify signals of churn risk and enable proactive intervention to retain customers.

Customer Success Story

A leading food and beverage CPG firm’s SI team—a small team of data scientists—couldn’t keep up with demands for customer analytics from the firm’s 100+ internal brands. SI was bottlenecked by manual exploratory data analysis, feature engineering, and ML modeling/tuning in Python/Azure ML. This productivity drag threatened customer retention and sales volume growth goals, forcing brand managers to make critical promotion decisions via heuristics rather than data.

Tellius now enables brand leaders to perform their own ad hoc exploration and analysis; quickly pinpoint customer/brand trends for faster course correction; and augment large parts of the data science team’s manual ML modeling process in an explainable way. Shopper profile models are now generated 10x faster, with a 90% effectiveness rating—powering the brand team’s pricing optimization and targeted promotions and resulting in multimillion-dollar revenue growth and marketing impact. Additionally, the newfound analytics agility/speed has repaired disconnects between SI and brand teams, leading to a virtuous cycle of more business-informed models, higher-quality shopper profiles, and in turn, better targeting and more revenue.

Why Tellius for Shopper Insights

  • Automatically analyze millions of data points to identify true drivers and root causes to develop a deep understanding of consumers.
  • Ask and answer market trends and customer behavior-related questions to unlock value for the entire organization.
  • Unify internal and syndicated market research, perform last-mile data prep as necessary, and dive into analysis faster in one place.
  • Predict consumer behavior trends through AutoML and accessible ML modeling capabilities.

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