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Data Preparation

Transform and enrich data for analytics and machine learning — at scale, and across multiple sources — with a few clicks or with SQL/Python.

Transform Data for Ad Hoc Analysis and ML-Driven Insights with Ease


  • Multiple tools and steps to aggregate data and create KPI metrics
  • Siloed workflows for BI data prep and ML feature engineering
  • Tools and workflows not scalable for billions of rows or wide datasets


  • Unified data preparation and processing for ad hoc queries and ML/AI-driven insights
  • Combines ease of point-and-click configuration and flexibility of SQL and Python transformations
  • Elastic cloud scalability to support infinite amount of data

Live Query Your Data Warehouse or Scale with Tellius In-Memory Engine

In-Memory Mode

In-Memory Mode caches data to boost performance; ideal for databases, application sources, and combining data from multiple sources.

Live Mode

Live Mode pushes queries down to data source for processing; ideal for analytical data warehouses and fast SQL sources.

Self-Service Data Prep with Point-and-Click Ease

Tellius provides an intuitive and visual interface to blend, transform, and clean data. Dozens of pre-built, code-free data prep capabilities can automate cleansing and profiling tasks, aggregations and pivots, and custom calculations and feature engineering.

Flexibility to Use Custom SQL & Python

Tellius features in-app Python & SQL integration so you can utilize custom code to handle complex data transformations and logic that cannot be accomplished with point-and-click methods.

Data Preparation at Scale

Transform & Unify Data

  • Connect to your data sources, whether you have a cloud data warehouse, data lake, applications data, files, or third-party data, to build a unified view of your business. Prepare data once, and it is ready for ad hoc exploration, insight generation, and machine learning.

Automate Data Pipelines

  • Tellius automatically tracks all data prep steps in a visual data pipeline so there is clear data lineage, reproducibility, and reusability of transformations for future projects. Data refreshes can be automatically processed and trigger the generation of new, timely insights.

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