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Built-in Predictive

Flexible pricing for any deployment.

Choose from our infrastructure or yours.

Get Started with Tellius in Minutes

Get Started with Tellius in Minutes

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Get faster answers from all your data easier, with guided insights driven by AI and machine learning automation

  • Fully hosted solution in the Tellius Cloud
  • Auto-insights for simplified data analysis
  • Search-driven ad hoc visualization
  • Vizpads for sharing of insights
  • Connect and prepare data from anywhere

$ 2.00

/ Credit


Pay as your grow, fully hosted

600 free credits on us, every month


  • Small, growing teams
  • Flexibility with pay-as-you-go
  • Cloud-oriented tech stack


Plan Comparison



Interactive filtering and drilling of visualizations

Rich formatting and configuration

Ask questions in natural language and voice

Sharing insights through dashboards

Best-fit data visualizations

Trend drivers, segmentation, & cohort comparisons

Anomaly detection and correlations

Automated data analysis driven by AI

Synonyms, Aliases, and Help Tellius Learn

Feed for proactive alerts & push insights

Transparency via Query Inspector

Flexible pricing for any deployment.

Choose from our infrastructure or yours.

Flexible pricing allows you to start small, pay only for what you use, and scale as your needs change.

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Deploy on infrastructure of choice with our flexible architecture, delivering faster data insights on your preferred hosting platform

  • Flexibly deploy on-premises or in the cloud
  • Automated machine learning modeling
  • SAML integration & single sign-on
  • Access to APIs
  • Embedding and white labeling

Customized Pricing


Deploy anywhere subscription plan

Let's craft a solution to match your needs


  • Enterprise-grade security and service
  • Predictable budget
  • Deployment flexibility, including cloud, hybrid, or on-premises

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Contact us to customize a package tailored to your needs.

Volume discounts and term commitments are available.


What are Tellius Credits?

Usage of Tellius On-Demand is charged based on Credits. One Credit is equivalent to using a single 4-Core 32GB RAM machine (one server unit) for one hour. The system auto-scales based on current load, providing high performance when you need it, so you avoid paying for excess capacity you do not use.


Search-Driven Analytics


Automated machine learning modeling

Regression, classification, & clustering

Transparency via Explainable AI

Connect to cloud sources, databases, and files

Data preparation and transformation

SQL and Python scripting

Auto-scaling with elasticity

Role-based security and permissions

Single sign-on with SAML authentication

Application programming interfaces (APIs)

Embedding and whitelabeling

Machine Learning Modeling

Data Preparation



How do Tellius Credits translate into Server Resources?

Tellius resources are classified in two categories:

  • Fixed resources: These are minimum resources needed by Tellius to run system services. The minimum setting is one server unit (4-core 32 GB RAM machine).
  • Elastic resources: Based on the system load, the system automatically scales up and down resources to improve performance. Elastic resources are billed on a variable basis, which is calculated on the number of server units used and how long they run.

How does Elastic Auto-Scaling work?

The system will automatically scale up and down Elastic Resources at a rate based on one of the 3 Auto-scaling Modes selected by users:

  • Conservative: The system will automatically scale up and add one server unit when the CPU usage of the existing resources exceeds 75% for 2 minutes (sustained). The system automatically scales down and removes one server unit  when the CPU usage falls below 50% for 30 minutes (sustained).
  • Standard: The system automatically scales up and doubles the server resources  when the CPU usage of the existing resources exceeds 60% for 1 minute (sustained). The system automatically halves the server resources when the CPU usage falls below 40% for 20 minutes (sustained).
  • Aggressive: The system automatically scales up and quadruples the server resources when the CPU usage of the existing resources exceeds 60% for 30 seconds (sustained). The system automatically reduces the server resources by 1/4 when the CPU usage falls below 40% for 10 minutes (sustained).

How can I plan for future usage and Credit consumption?

A usage calculator has been developed to estimate the number of credits to be consumed per month. The inputs and assumptions are:

  • Number of users, where 20% are concurrent users
  • Amount of data
  • Number of Insights/ML jobs per day, and 20% are run simultaneously

Since actual usage patterns for elastic resources vary between customers and depend on many factors, the expected Credit usage is a range:

  • The low end of the range assumes 30% usage of elastic resources
  • The high end of the range assumes 50% usage of elastic resources

Here are a few scenarios:

  • 50 total users, with 25GB data, running 20 ML/Insights jobs per day,  is expected to use 720 Credits per month (= 1 Credit per hour x 24 hours x 30 days)
  • 50 total users, with 100GB data, running 20 ML/Insights jobs per day,  is expected to use 1368-1800 Credits per month
  • 100 total users, with 25GB data, running 20 ML/Insights jobs per day,  is expected to use 2232-3240 Credits per month


Expected Monthly Credit Usage

Number of Users

Data Size

Insights/ML Jobs per Day

Low End of Range 

High End of Range


25 GB




100 GB





100 GB




How is Credit consumption calculated?

Credit consumption is calculated on a per-minute basis (rounded up to the nearest minute).

Example: If a system is using 2 fixed server units of 4-Core, 32GB RAM each, and auto-scales to add 2 additional elastic server units for 30 minutes each, and also a 3rd elastic server unit for 15 minutes during a one hour period, total Credit consumption for the hour is calculated as: 

  • Fixed credits = 2
  • Elastic credits = 1.25 (2 server units x 0.5 + 1 server unit  x 0.25) 
  • Total credits consumed for the hour = 3.25

Users monitor Credit consumption, configure their Auto-Scaling Mode, and update their plan settings in the System Health part of the Tellius On-Demand application.
Users can set the maximum number of Credits to be consumed in an hour to prevent unexpected costs to be incurred.

How do I monitor and control Credit consumption?

You just need to enter your name, work email address, and company name to get started. No credit card information is required to try Tellius.

What do I need to start a free trial?

How does billing and payment work?

To start a paid plan, a credit card is required to be entered into the system.

To verify the credit card, Tellius will charge $1 to the card and then refund the $1 afterwards.

No annual or monthly commitments are required.

Credit consumption is billed on the 1st of every month for actual usage during the prior month, and is automatically charged to the card.

What happens to my account after my trial has ended ?

At any point during the trial and for a 2-day grace period after their trial expires, customers can upgrade to a paid plan, and their data will be migrated to a paid cluster.

If the user does not upgrade to a paid plan, then the Trial system will be stopped after the 2-day grace period.

How do I cancel?

Email to cancel.

Sizing a Tellius Hosted Deployment

Tellius is backed by a powerful computing engine that allows users to get answers to their business questions quickly and easily. No one deployment is the same, as each business has its own unique data, usage, and loading requirements. To help you better understand what Tellius cluster size will work for your case, please see the example scenarios below.

Every individual situation is unique and your performance and required infrastructure may vary. The above are only indicative recommendations based upon real-life customer scenarios, but they are not guarantees of performance. Your mileage may vary.