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"Tellius gives the firm a competitive advantage by revealing new business opportunities and insight into case strategies never-seen-before from internal and external third-party data – instantly, and with a single-click."

Peter Geovanes

Head of Data Strategy, AI, and Analytics

Stop manually slicing & dicing data.

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Breakthrough Decision Intelligence at Your Fingertips

Automated discovery of insights reveals hidden anomalies, trends, and segments in your data, using machine learning running behind the scenes. You will save countless hours of manual spreadsheet and visual analysis, without writing a line of code.

Instant Insights

Search-driven and voice-enabled conversational analytics gives everyone an easy way to ask ad hoc business questions and visualize their data. You can explore billions of rows of data from multiple sources with a single query, in seconds.

Ease of Search

The Tellius data platform allows you to connect, prepare, and unify data from disparate sources. Flexible data modeling with Python and SQL support enables you to shape the metrics and events that matter to your business. The high performance data architecture scales elastically for big data.

Data at Scale

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Experience a better way to get insights from all your business data:

  • Discover the 'What' & 'Why' in your data by analyzing every combination of data points in seconds with intelligent automation
  • Get instant answers from your data using natural language by asking ad hoc questions with a modern search interface
  • Simplify complex analysis across your data sources with automated segmentation, clustering, trend drivers, and cohort comparisons, to uncover the next-best action
  • Pay only for what you use with elastic scalability and high performance you expect from modern applications

The better way to learn 'what' is driving performance, 'why' metrics change, and 'how' to impact business outcomes with AI-driven Guided Insights

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The better way to learn 'what' is driving performance, 'why' metrics change, and 'how' to impact business outcomes with AI-driven Guided Insights

Honestly, Is This The Best Way To Get Fast Insights From All Your Data?

Dashboards or advanced coding can leave you with more questions than answers.

Dashboards can't answer new questions or tell you why things change...

Impossible to diagnose changes in metrics

Answers only pre-defined questions

Cannot prescribe the next best action to take

Advanced techniques are too difficult to use...

Not accessible to business users

Requires highly skilled resources

Complex workflow with many steps and duplication of data