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Experience a new level of data productivity,
self-service, and advanced analytics collaboration

Search-driven and voice-enabled conversational analytics gives everyone an easy way to ask ad hoc business questions and visualize their data. You can explore billions of rows of data from multiple sources with a single query, in seconds.

Ease of Search

Automated discovery of insights reveals hidden anomalies, trends, and segments in your data, using machine learning running behind the scenes. You will save countless hours of manual spreadsheet and visual analysis, without writing a line of code.

Instant Insights

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Built-in Predictive

The Tellius data platform allows you to connect, prepare, and unify data from disparate sources. Flexible data modeling with Python and SQL support enables you to shape the metrics and events that matter to your business. The high performance data architecture scales elastically for big data.

Data at Scale

Modernize Your Analytics Stack to Accelerate Insights from All Your Data

Get Faster & Smarter Insights Today

Get Faster & Smarter Insights Today

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Trial FAQs

Do I need to enter credit card information for the trial?

What happens after the free trial period?

What offerings does Tellius provide?

Can I customize my plan?

No, payment information is not required to trial Tellius. And there are no commitments. We just need a name and email address to get going.

We hope that you fall in love with Tellius during the trial. Contact us inside the Tellius application, and we will set up a plan for your organization to get the smarter, faster insights.

Absolutely. We will make sure Tellius meets your needs for data-driven intelligence in your organization.

Tellius offers so many ways for you to better understand your data to improve decision making at your company. They include:

  • Automated insights - save countless hours with automated data analysis powered by machine learning
  • Search - ask questions in natural language to visualize and explore data
  • Dashboards - build charts and data visualizations and share insights across the business
  • Machine learning modeling - create ML models without coding
  • Data connectors - analyze data from cloud data stores, SQL databases, files, cloud apps, and more
  • Data prep - clean, transform, and join data for analysis
  • APIs, enterprise security, alerts and feeds, and so much more!

What data sources does Tellius work with?

Tellius works with many data sources, including: cloud datastores such as Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, and Azure Blob Storage; applications, such as and Google Analytics; SQL and non-SQL databases such as Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, MongoDB, and Teradata; Hadoop; and files such as CSV, XLS, and JSON.

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Modernize Your Analytics Stack to Accelerate Insights from All Your Data