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Omnichannel Analysis

Enhance overall business performance with a 360-degree view of your customers

Data proliferation is endless today. Omnichannel analysis can involve POS data, loyalty program information, data from in-store sensors, online purchase data, social media data, email marketing data, and so much more. And while data sprawl continues, customers are not interacting with every channel, leading to a fragmented customer base. Analyzing data from all of these channels and keeping updated with real-time monitoring is challenging for the most skilled data professionals. In addition, different business units have contrasting priorities, and aligning these priorities to achieve a common goal can be a severe issue for organizations.

Omnichannel analysis is a difficult proposition for any CPG organization, but AI-powered analytics can help.

AI-Powered Analytics for Omnichannel Analysis

Tellius enables omnichannel analysis for CPG organizations with an intuitive platform designed for domain experts. The platform provides a holistic view into all available data sources, ranging from POS data from brick-and-mortar stores to social media engagement data and sensor data from IoT devices. This comprehensive view of customer behavior, preferences, and interactions allows CPG organizations to better understand their customers’ needs and build new growth strategies accordingly. The Tellius approach to AI-powered analytics gives domain experts in marketing, sales, supply chain, product development, and more the tools needed to understand the customer’s journey like never before.

Leveraging Tellius for omnichannel analytics allows CPG companies to use data insights to make informed decisions to optimize customer experience, make more effective marketing campaigns, and develop a 360-degree customer view. The platform offers:

  • The ability to create a comprehensive view of all of customer touchpoints, including POS data, loyalty programs, IoT devices, e-commerce platforms, mobile apps, social media, and more
  • Natural language search to provide domain experts from business units a Google-like interface to ask questions of data
  • Automated insights, making everyone in the organization a data expert with simple-to-use insight generation, so they can run purchase pattern analysis, market basket analysis, customer lifetime value analysis, and much more

Omnichannel Analysis

Forecasting Future Customer Outcomes

Tellius helps CPG organizations forecast future customer behavior, trends, and outcomes with advanced predictive analytics. Predictive analytics enables demand forecasting with the ability to analyze historical sales data, seasonality, and other factors to optimize inventory levels. Predicting purchasing frequency, preferred channels, and product preferences can help to anticipate future customer behavior and enable more personalized marketing experiences.

Identify More Cross-Sell and Upsell

By analyzing customer behavior, preferences, and interactions across channels and touchpoints, omnichannel analysis can effectively identify cross-sell and upsell opportunities. With Tellius providing a holistic view into all of the available data, CPG organizations are able to effectively identify more moments to engage customers with new products. Simple customer segmentation tools allow everyone in the business to gain deep insights and better position products for cross-sell and upsell opportunities.

Enhanced Inventory Management

Armed with insights into demand patterns, customer preferences, and sales trends provided by omnichannel analysis, supply chain managers can reduce stockouts and proactively replenish inventory more efficiently. With automated insight generation, business units are able to identify cross-channel inventory opportunities where a customer might search for a product on one channel and purchase it in another.

Intuitive Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) Analysis

Understand the long-term value of customers across channels and touchpoints to gain insights into resource allocation, personalization, customer retention strategies, and much more. Key driver analysis on Tellius helps CPG companies identify trends, anomalies, and segments within their data. These insights can help drive loyalty program designs, segment-based promotions, and an overall enhanced customer experience.

Efficient Market Basket Analysis

Drive better customer profiles, more personalized promotions, and responsive marketing campaigns with real-time market basket analysis. With Tellius, CPG organizations can create live connections with data sources to keep updated with the latest shifts in the market. Automated insights provide for more efficient analysis, while anomaly detection allows for marketing, sales, supply chain, and all relevant business units to proactively inform strategy.

Customer Success Story

A leading food and beverage CPG firm’s shopper insights team—a small team of data scientists—couldn’t keep up with demands for customer analytics from the firm’s 100+ internal brands. SI was bottlenecked by manual exploratory data analysis, feature engineering, and ML modeling/tuning in Python/Azure ML. This productivity drag threatened customer retention and sales volume growth goals, forcing brand managers to make critical promotion decisions via heuristics rather than data.

Tellius now enables brand leaders to perform their own ad hoc exploration and analysis; quickly pinpoint customer/brand trends for faster course correction; and augment large parts of the data science team’s manual ML modeling process in an explainable way. Shopper profile models are now generated 10x faster, with a 90% effectiveness rating—powering the brand team’s pricing optimization and targeted promotions and resulting in multimillion-dollar revenue growth and marketing impact. Additionally, the newfound analytics agility/speed has repaired disconnects between SI and brand teams, leading to a virtuous cycle of more business-informed models, higher-quality shopper profiles, and in turn, better targeting and more revenue.

Why Tellius for Omnichannel Analysis

  • Automatically analyze millions of data points to identify true drivers and root causes to understand what channels are driving sales.
  • Ask and answer cross-channel questions to unlock value for the entire organization.
  • Unify data across all channels, perform last-mile data prep as necessary, and dive into analysis faster in one place.
  • Predict customer purchase trends through AutoML and accessible ML modeling capabilities.

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