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AI-Powered Analytics for Marketing

Amplify your expertise and optimize marketing strategies with the power of AI

Full Lifecycle Analytics

Faster Insights From Your Marketing Data

Marketing is flooded with data, and making sense of it all is becoming an increasingly burdensome task. Analytics platforms today require hours of specialized training to derive any value from them. Meanwhile, the insights surfaced only provide an understanding of what’s happened in the past without informing future strategy. Tellius helps marketing organizations take data-driven action faster, helping to guide strategic decisions, optimize campaigns, and improve marketing performance. Built from the ground up for business users, Tellius enables marketers to dive deeper into customer and marketing campaign data to proactively understand what’s driving customer engagement and how best to maximize marketing ROI.

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Next-Level Digital Marketing Analytics

Separate the signal from the noise. With Tellius, you can directly connect to Google Analytics, Salesforce, and cloud data warehouses to make a single source of truth for all your marketing data. Marketers can run ad hoc searches to answer the most important business questions with a “Google-like” interface. Insights are automatically highlighted, making analysis easier and more efficient. Dive deeper into your digital marketing data without waiting for the data team to build a new dashboard.

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Understand the Full Customer Lifecycle

Predicting the value a customer will bring to the business is invaluable for any marketing organization. With predictive, descriptive, and diagnostic analytics, Tellius helps to analyze historical purchasing patterns quickly with trend, key driver, and comparison insights. With domain experts driving new insights, marketers can build better loyalty programs, inform product development, and improve campaign ROI.

Full Lifecycle Analytics

Better Personalization and Recommendations

Pulling together data from disparate source systems to power personalization and recommendations is a major hurdle for marketing teams. Tellius provides intuitive data preparation tools to create a holistic view of customer data. By leveraging the built-in recommender model, marketing teams can provide more relevant recommendations based on prior purchases and ratings.

Improved Customer Segmentation

Relevance is absolutely critical in marketing today. Tellius helps to simplify customer segmentation modeling. AutoML capabilities enable marketers to select the right variables and create segment profiles based on characteristics, behaviors, preferences, and needs.

Intuitive Marketing Mix Modeling

Understanding the four Ps of marketing is critical to improving ROI and optimizing marketing campaigns. Tellius helps to uncover the patterns and key drivers to improve marketing mix modeling. Better understand the relationship between marketing activities and sales by diving deeper with unlimited drill-down to isolate variables that might influence sales.

CPG Quote
  • Haleon (formerly GSK Consumer Health)

"With Tellius at our fingertips, we can just ask data questions and get answers ourselves. That’s a lot easier—and it’s more of a dynamic data conversation—versus ad hoc requests back and forth between analyst and business teams.”

Jaime Romano

Senior Director, Category Development & Capability/NRM



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