Best Practices and Thought Leadership on AI-Powered Analytics

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  • Company News

    Tellius Named a Cool Vendor in Analytics by Gartner

    by Alvin Wong

    We’re excited to announce that Gartner recently named Tellius a Cool Vendor in Analytics. We’ve always thought that it’s been cool to enable people to literally ask questions of their business data in natural language and automatically find important insights with the assist of AI and machine learning.

  • Engineering Blog

    Optimizing Resource Utilization of Tree-Based Classification Algorithms in Apache Spark

    by Madhukara Phatak

    Read how we manage resource utilization of machine learning models in Apache Spark and shared our innovation with the open source community.

  • Augmented Analytics

    Search-Driven and Conversational Analytics: What It Is and Why Every Data-Driven Organization Needs It

    by Vipasha Sharma

    Explore how experiences we know and love from search engines and voice assistants make business intelligence easier and more accessible for everyone in the data-driven enterprise.

  • Analytics & Insights

    The Story Behind Loneliness and Happiness: Gartner BI Bake-off and Analytics Showdown 2019

    by Vandita Manyam

    See what insights we showcased at the Gartner Data & Analytics Summit with the loneliness and happiness data set from the BI Bake-off.

  • Company News

    Tellius to Introduce Intelligent Conversational Analytics Platform at Gartner Data and Analytics Summit 2019

    by Alvin Wong

    Company will present a customer panel, participate in a multi-vendor analytics product showdown, and host a best practices roundtable on next-generation analytics at the Summit.

  • Search-Driven Analytics From Multiple Data Sources
    Analytics & Insights

    Building a Seamless Search-Driven Analytics Experience Across Multiple Data Sources With Apache Spark

    by Madhukara Phatak

    Madhukara Phatak, Tellius Director of Engineering, breaks down the challenges of traditional multi-data source analytics and how we overcome these challenges with Apache Spark.

  • Seneca
    Customer Success

    Seneca College Gets Faster Insights from Disparate Data with Augmented Analytics

    by Alvin Wong

    Read how Canada’s largest college overcame challenges with their BI system and reduced time-to-insight from days to minutes.

  • Company News

    Tellius Recognized in Gartner 2018 Hype Cycles for Analytics and Business Intelligence, Data Science and Machine Learning, the Digital Workplace, CRM Sales, and Life Science Research and Development

    by Alvin Wong

    Tellius listed in Augmented Analytics and BI Search/Natural Language Query innovation categories.

  • 5 Reasons You BI Solution is Failing You
    Business Intelligence

    5 Reasons Your Business Intelligence Solution is Failing You

    by Alvin Wong

    Here are the five obvious and not-so-obvious ways that your BI solution is holding your company back. Who wants to settle for “business as usual?”