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AI-Powered Supply Chain Analytics

Transform your supply chain performance with AI-powered automated insights and natural language ad hoc analysis

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Supply Chain Leaders Choose Tellius

Supply chains are complex. Demand is volatile. Tellius AI-powered analytics software helps supply chain teams gain greater access and real-time visibility into their entire supply chain with connections to ERP systems, TMS, POS, supplier, demand, and production systems to reduce stockouts, optimize safety-stock levels, lower carrying costs, increase customer satisfaction, and better anticipate inventory trends and needs.

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Real-time Visibility

Tellius unites disparate supply chain data, making it explorable and accessible to non-data experts while unlocking ML-based insights and patterns for real-time visibility into your full supply chain. With real-time visibility with anomaly detection, supply chain analysts can monitor demand fluctuations and adjust inventory levels, production schedules, and distribution strategies in response to sudden changes.

Enhanced Supplier Management

Supply chain analysts leverage Tellius’s natural language querying, live dashboarding and reporting capabilities to track and analyze supplier performance based on on-time delivery, quality, lead times, and responsiveness—and take the next step to identify root causes of disruptions or quality problems via automated root cause insights to more quickly identify potential issues and plan mitigation efforts.

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Root Cause Analysis for Disruptions

Identify the root cause of issues impacting high cycle times by applying Tellius Automated Insights to automatically parse every variable and combination of variables for key drivers across all your connected datasets. Once identified, implement more effective change controls, monitor progress in live dashboards and via real-time alerts, and ultimately improve capacity planning to mitigate manufacturing risk and streamline operations.

Enhanced Inventory Management

Optimizing inventory levels is crucial to avoid overstocking or stockouts. Supply chain teams use Tellius to analyze historical consumption patterns, lead times, supplier performance, and demand variability to identify reorder points and order quantities to ensure inventory is maintained at the right levels while minimizing carrying costs.

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Improved Demand Forecasting

With Tellius, it’s easy to factor external data related to market trends, seasonality, and competitive landscape with dynamic customer behavior insights through Tellius automated insights for more accurate demand forecasting. Unlike traditional BI tools which lack data granularity due to architectural limitations, Tellius features cloud-scale, lightning-fast data querying and visualization capabilities coupled with accessible advanced analytics to help supply chain teams reduce forecasting errors and cut down on costly stockouts and excess inventory.

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"Before using Tellius, we faced significant challenges in pinpointing the root causes of product delays due to our data being scattered and difficult to access. With Tellius's automated insights, we can now swiftly diagnose process failure drivers and proactively spot potential bottlenecks, which is faster and more efficient than any solution I've encountered in my career."

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Supply Chain Use Case

Improve demand forecasting accuracy, inventory optimization, supply chain efficiency, and risk management

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