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AI-Powered Analytics for the Google Cloud Ecosystem

Self-service analytics and AI-driven insights on your Google Cloud data

Live insights and search for Google BigQuery

Derive AI-powered insights and perform natural language search in GBQ directly, with zero data movement

Direct integration with Looker

Leverage your data models and LookML metrics for ML-fueled analysis

Tellius on Google Cloud Marketplace

Deploy SaaS solution quickly and purchase on Google Cloud Marketplace

Self-service analytics on all your Google Cloud data

Answer your own data questions in natural language on petabytes of data in Google BigQuery in sub-seconds (no SQL skills required). Ad hoc exploration has never been easier.

Automated insights at scale

Expedite root cause analysis, key driver identification, cohort comparisons, and other time-consuming analysis via AI-powered insights directly in Google BigQuery, with zero data movement.

Self-Service Data Prep at Scale

Tellius features both an intuitive, point-and-click user interface for connecting and preparing data as well as a programming interface for custom SQL or Python code. So analysts and data experts can create calculated columns, ratios, flags, features, and more, on their own for last-mile data prep.

Quick visualization and live dashboarding

Automatic best-fit visualizations and point-and-click live dashboards take minutes to build, allowing you to focus on the analysis and the story inside the data.


Rapid Ad Hoc Data Exploration & Root Cause Analysis at Cloud Scale

  • Supercharge analytics access: Unlock Google Cloud data via AI-powered insights and natural language search for every user

  • Gain deeper insights across data sources: Apply automated analytics to answer "why" questions and perform root cause analysis from all of your data

  • Get ML- and AI-driven insights: Unify KPI monitoring, machine learning, predictive analytics, and data visualization for newfound analytics agility

Automated anomaly detection and AutoML

Fix issues and seize opportunities faster through automated business monitoring and proactive alerting. Access predictive analytics through no-code AutoML machine learning modeling.

Deploy Tellius on Google Cloud in minutes

Purchase Tellius directly through Google Cloud Marketplace for AI-powered search, insights, and AutoML as a fully managed service.

Native integration with Looker Modeler

Leverage your data models and LookML metrics for ML-fueled analysis in Tellius.