Guided Insights

Uncover root causes, key drivers, and underlying trends with a single click. Get AI-driven analysis from across all your data sources in seconds.

Discover Insights Automatically and Effortlessly

Uncover the Why Behind the What

Understand why metrics are changing in an explainable and actionable manner. Explore more combinations in your data than previously possible and identify key insights that lead to higher-value analysis to drive your business forward.

Identify Key Performance Drivers

Discover hidden drivers of your business and keep a pulse on existing KPIs without hours of manual analysis.

Compare Differences Between Cohorts

Identify patterns and compare differences amongst groups of customers, products, brands, etc. to inform better business decisions faster.

Discover New Meaningful Segments

Automatically spot new segments — and run in-depth analytics by segment — for discovery (i.e. which customers or markets to go after?) and optimization (i.e. personalization, targetted lists, etc.).

Automate the Analysis Process for Faster Insights

From Business Questions

  • Ask questions across data sources
  • Automatically analyze all possible combinations
  • Share insights and root analysis with narratives

To Business Outcomes

Instantly Go From “What” and “Why” to Actions

  • Ask questions across data sources
  • Automatically analyze all possible combinations
  • Share insights and root analysis with narratives

Get Answers to Questions You Did Not Know to Ask

Get push notifications on meaningful changes to KPIs and unexpected anomalies in your data

Continuously monitor key metrics at a granular level and proactively stay ahead of emerging trends

Obtain root cause analysis for instant diagnostics and actionable intelligence

The Right Insights From the Right Algorithms


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Feature Engineering

automated feature engineering

automated data prep for insights



Smart Charts



Feature Engineering

Algorithms & Ranking

  • Tellius generates answers by automatically choosing the relevant algorithms and ranking the resulting insights
  • Automated feature engineering provides correlation handling, null handling, and feature scaling for ML algos
  • Model metrics and explainable AI are exposed to provide transparency and build trust in machine learning
  • Flexibility to customize models allows users to iterate and shape resulting analysis based on domain expertise

Insights That Learn From You

Gathers Explicit User Feedback

Users can enhance insights with explicit feedback to ensure relevant, trusted, and accurate machine-discovered findings. Humans remain in the loop to fine-tune models.

Listens to Implicit User Preferences

The system learns from user interactions, content consumed, data sources used, and data attributes frequently employed to personalize the experience for every user.

We've vastly improved data access for business users and analysts, easily answering ad hoc questions and revealing new insights with little or no training.

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