Breaking down barriers between data and humans using AI to create an insights-driven world

Our Story

Tellius was born to accelerate insight discovery from complex business data using AI and natural language interface. Tellius allows users to interact with data in natural language to understand what happened, rapidly uncover why metrics change at a granular level, and decide how to improve business outcomes—by analyzing cloud scale data across disparate sources. Built on a powerful dual AI analytics engine, Tellius empowers business teams to go beyond static dashboards and canned reports to quickly get answers to ad-hoc questions, supercharges analytics productivity by automating complex repetitive workflows, and powers AI applications that optimize business decisions and drive outcomes. Tellius empowers organizations with the ability to ask, explore, discover and act on information in ways that are more human.

Our Vision

Our vision is a world where manual, time-consuming data analysis and insights generation is a thing of the past and instead, AI augments human expertise for everyone to make better decisions (technical and nontechnical users alike)–ultimately giving us all back time for the things we love most.

Whether you are a future Tellius team member, partner, or customer, we welcome you to join us on the journey to build an insights-driven world.

Our Executive Team