Empower everyone with easier, smarter, and faster ways to make data driven decisions

Our Story

Tellius was born to simplify the increasingly complex and manual process of turning data into actionable insights. With massive amounts of data being generated in every business, organizations are spending hours and days waiting for answers to simple questions about business metrics. This inspired the Tellius team to create a new data analytics stack that takes a fundamentally different approach - one that combines the simplicity of search, speed of intelligent automation, and scalability of modern apps, to transform delivery of insights across every enterprise.

Our Vision

Our vision is that anyone can ask questions of their business data and instantly get a rich and profound understanding of their business. We believe in a future where you can move seamless and effortlessly between exploring data, discovering unseen critical insights, developing new hypotheses, and acting on data-driven answers to drive business outcomes.

Whether you are a future Tellius team member, partner, or customer, we welcome you to join us on the journey to make business intelligence truly intelligent.

Our Team