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The next wave of self-service analytics powered by Generative AI and GPT intelligently automates each step of the analytics process

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Know What, Why, and How Faster

Get instant ad hoc answers from all your data, dig deeper to easily understand key drivers for business behaviors, and simplify complex analysis with Tellius Decision Intelligence

True Self-Service Analytics

Empower your entire organization to rapidly get insights from multiple data sources through natural language search and intelligent automation.

AI-Powered Insights

Automate complex data analysis to uncover root causes, understand key business drivers, compare cohorts, and identify meaningful segments in your data.

Unified Analytics Workflow

Gain analytics agility when business and data teams collaborate and simplify workflows from data prep, ad hoc analysis, and predictive analytics.

Breakthrough Decision Intelligence Powered by AI

Connect, Prep, and Join Data Across Sources

Transform data for ad hoc analysis, insight generation, and machine learning with intelligent data prep at scale that supports custom SQL & Python code.
Data Pipeline

Discover Insights Instantly

Uncover hidden performance patterns, trends and outliers with automated data analysis guided by AI. Save countless hours and take the guesswork out of manual slicing-and-dicing of data.
Campaign Conversion

Ask Questions in Natural Language

Visualize and interactively explore data across multiple sources using a Google-like search and voice-enabled interface. Unlock analytics adoption in your organization by making insights intuitive.
Ask Questions in Natural Language

Apply Machine Learning to Business Workflow

Build machine learning models with AutoML and point-and-click customization. Share segmentation and predictive insights with business users through interactive visualization.
Apply Machine Learning to Business Workflow
Data Pipeline
Campaign Conversion
Ask Questions in Natural Language
Apply Machine Learning to Business Workflow

Elevate Your Organization with Augmented Analytics

Break free from legacy business intelligence and accelerate the path from data to decisions

Democratize Data Access


Business users

Empower anyone to ask ad hoc questions across all the data to uncover hidden opportunities

Automate Insights Discovery



Get deeper insights 10x faster and eliminate your BI and reporting backlog

Augment Analytics Workflow


Data Experts

Accelerate analytics process with unified machine learning and visualization

A New Insights & Analytics Engine for the Modern Data Stack

Tellius provides a modern approach to decision intelligence that serves both the needs for ad hoc data exploration and visualization, combined with automated discovery of insights from machine learning, with cloud scale and elasticity.

Dual Analytics Engine
Karyopharm Therapeutics
  • Karyopharm

"With Tellius, we identified an additional 30% new sales opportunities in segments we had not thought of before. Business teams can pinpoint characteristics of target customers and predict buying patterns from troves of data without involving data scientists."

Alex Cucerov

Senior Manager, Commercial Operations and Analytics

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