Search and AI-Powered Analytics Platform

Ask questions using natural language and automatically discover hidden insights in your data

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Why Tellius

Built on a modern architecture that scales for big data, Tellius augments typical BI features such as dashboards and data prep with AI-powered capabilities so everyone can discover new insights faster and drive smarter business outcomes.

Accelerate Data Discovery with Genius Insights Powered by Machine Learning

The Tellius Genius Insights Engine analyzes all your data automatically to reveal hidden insights — in a fraction of the time it would take to do manually, and eliminating the guesswork from your analysis.

  • Discover patterns and relationships you never knew existed
  • Learn more than what is happening, but also WHY something has happened
  • Spot trends and key drivers of change by analyzing millions of combinations of data in minutes
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Supercharge Self-Service BI with Search-Driven Analytics

Users now have a quick and easy way to answer ad hoc business questions and visualize their data — in the same way they type into any search engine.

  • Ask questions in plain language english and get answers within seconds
  • Enjoy a guided experience that offers suggestions based on historical searches
  • Search across multiple datasets and data sources with a single query
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One Platform for Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics

Tellius redefines what a modern analytics platform should be by bringing all the essential pieces of dashboards and data visualizations, machine learning, and predictive analytics into a single product, including:

  • Unified data prep and high performance computation engine
  • Smart data discovery powered by automated machine learning
  • Create, tune, and evaluate custom machine learning models with a point-and-click approach
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AI-Powered Insights For Any Organization

See how Tellius can deliver real insight to your business.

  • Business Analyst
  • Business User
  • Citizen Data Scientist
  • Data Engineer

We power insights throughout the data-driven organization

  • Christian Durca

    Christian Durca

    Director of Information Solutions

    Seneca College

    With Tellius automated data discovery, we have reduced the time to analyze data and present answers to executives and department administrators from days to minutes. Tellius has also helped us improve data access for business users and analysts, easily answering new questions and revealing new insights with little or no training.
  • Wayne Eckerson

    Wayne Eckerson

    Founder and Principal Consultant

    The Eckerson Group

    Tellius is a scalable analytics and business intelligence platform built from the ground-up using AI, natural language processing, and predictive analytics. Whether you are a business user, data analyst, or citizen data scientist, you will find that Tellius is designed to meet your needs and is a refreshing departure from traditional BI tools.

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