Search and AI-Powered Analytics Platform

Ask questions using natural language and automatically discover hidden insights in your data

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Democratize Data Analytics for Everyone

Tellius is a search and AI-powered business analytics platform that enables everyone across the enterprise to ask questions and receive answers in natural language and automatically discover insights across multiple data sources at scale.

Discover Insights Instantly and Effortlessly

The Tellius Genius Insights Engine analyzes all your data automatically to reveal hidden insights — in a fraction of the time it would take manually — and eliminates the guesswork from your analysis.

  • Smart data discovery uncovers patterns, trends, anomalies, and relationships you never knew existed
  • Learn more than what performance is, but also WHY performance has changed
  • Get answers to important questions you DID NOT ask by analyzing millions of combinations of data points
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Simply have Conversations with Your Data

Nothing could be easier than asking questions and getting answers in natural language, with search or by voice.

  • Get best-fit visualizations and explanatory narratives in seconds
  • Enjoy a guided experience that offers suggestions based on interests and historical searches
  • Query across multiple datasets and data sources with a single question
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Unified Platform for BI and AI at Scale

Tellius redefines modern analytics by bringing together all the essential elements of data visualization, natural language, automated insights, and machine learning, in a scalable platform, including:

  • Relevant insights that are pushed to every user based on their interests
  • Unified data prep and high performance computation engine
  • Create, customize, and operationalize machine learning models with a point-and-click approach
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Analytics Innovation You Can Trust

  • Peter Geovanes

    Peter Geovanes

    Head of Data Strategy, AI, and Analytics

    Am Law 100 Law Firm

    Tellius gives the firm a competitive advantage by revealing new business opportunities to our marketing team and insight into case strategies never-seen-before from internal and external third-party data - instantly, and with a single-click.
  • Christian Durca

    Christian Durca

    Director of Information Solutions

    Seneca College

    With Tellius automated data discovery, we have reduced the time to analyze data and present answers to executives and department administrators from days to minutes. Tellius has also helped us improve data access for business users and analysts, easily answering new questions and revealing new insights with little or no training.
  • Wayne Eckerson

    Wayne Eckerson

    Founder and Principal Consultant

    The Eckerson Group

    Tellius is a scalable analytics and business intelligence platform built from the ground-up using AI, natural language processing, and predictive analytics. Whether you are a business user, data analyst, or citizen data scientist, you will find that Tellius is designed to meet your needs and is a refreshing departure from traditional BI tools.

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