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Supercharged Self-Service Analytics & Reporting: The Fusion of AI & Business Intelligence

Accelerate insight generation and take business intelligence to the next level with AI-powered analytics

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Empower Your Organization with an AI BI Tool that Goes Beyond Visualization

Natural Language Search

Answer simple or complex questions quickly through a Google-like search interface, best-fit auto-visualizations, and business-friendly advanced calculations.

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See business insights clearly through automated root cause analysis, trend drivers, cohort comparisons, and 1-click visual predictive analytics.

Proactive Intelligence

Seize opportunities — and prevent issues from escalating — faster through automated, AI business intelligence, monitoring and proactive alerting.

Dashboarding & Embedding

Self-service reporting & analytics make it easy to share analysis with key stakeholders via drag-and-drop dashboarding, data storytelling, and 1-click embeddings.

Answer Your Own Questions & Bypass Bottlenecks

Today’s questions can’t wait for tomorrow’s answers. With AI-powered self-service analytics, you can skip analytics queues. Get automatically visualized answers to your questions in sub-seconds and perform effortless ad hoc exploration.

  • Fast: Subsecond search responses across millions of datapoints and multiple data sources
  • Smart: Autocomplete, Suggestions, Synonyms, Learns for greater personalization
  • Powerful: Advanced analytics directly from search and dozens of powerful on-the-fly calculations (e.g. market share, time slices, YoY growth, etc.)

Easily Communicate Insights to Others

Visualizations, data stories, and dashboards shouldn’t take hours/days/weeks to build. It should be fast and painless — and can be, with AI. With self-service analytics & reporting from Tellius, you can focus on making data-driven arguments to stakeholders for buy-in to actually start moving the needle (i.e., the whole point of analytics!).

  • Intuitive: Drag/drop dashboarding. Automated data stories. 30+ visualizations
  • Flexible: Export to native .PPT file (data included). Embed with 1 click
  • Robust: Cohorts, Treemap, Sankey, etc., as well as integrations for further customization for rich

See Hidden Patterns and Trends Without the Wait Times

Dashboards don’t tell you why metrics are down. Drilling only takes you so far. Pivoting on thousands of variables doesn’t work. Our industry-leading, AI-powered business insights run every permutation of the data to surface relevant drivers, trends, and hidden connections — so you don’t have to — dramatically reducing the analysis field so you land on the truth.


  • Accessible: Interpretable insights for business users and analysts alike to drive better business decisions
  • Live & Actionable: Analyze TBs of up-to-date cloud data
  • Personalized: Insights are informed by explicit and implicit to offer machine-discovered insights relevant to humans
Self-Service Analytics Use Case
Campaign Conversion

Rapidly Respond to Changes and Opportunities

Business monitoring and anomaly detection just got a whole lot easier (and smarter, with the power of AI). Better understand what’s changing and why it’s changing in real-time with key driver analysis.

  • Relevant: KPIs you care about from implicit and explicit feedback and frequent searches
  • 24/7: Nonstop monitoring and anomaly detection 
  • Proactive: Social media-style feed

Fast & Flexible Deployment that's Enterprise Ready

0 ➡ Production in 15 Minutes

Tellius connects to a variety of cloud, on-prem, and business systems for high performance computation. Deployment is fast and flexible in a variety of customer environments, including cloud, SaaS, and on-premises, and is priced per server rather than seat-based. Our largest clients support 10s of thousands of users per organization. We’re built with a highly-scalable microservices architecture and feature a blazing fast columnar search engine as well as a distributed compute engine for robust machine learning jobs. Tellius is enterprise ready with role-based access, security, and scalability throughout. Accelerate self-service reporting & insight generation and take business intelligence to the next level with AI-powered BI and analytics.

Seeing is Believing

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