BI and AI Silos Have Created a Massive Insights Gap

Dashboards Can’t Tell You Why Things Change

Dashboards are great for observing your standard metrics from aggregated data at a high-level and with rigid, pre-determined drill paths. But they cannot address follow-on questions, such as ‘why’ things are happening, or ‘how’ you can effect change in performance.

Manually analyzing volumes of data takes too long

To answer new ad hoc questions, organizations turn to their analyst team who rely on manual techniques, such as slicing-and-dicing of data by SQL/Python code or visual analysis, where it’s difficult to spot signals from the noise, especially when it comes to large datasets. It is far too easy to miss important insights or be focused only on subsets of data that you are most familiar.

Current Tools Don’t Cut It

BI Tools Are Stuck in the Past

  • Legacy architecture limited to aggregated data and cannot scale to billions of records
  • Limited to answer pre-defined questions and traditional query analysis
  • Impossible to diagnose changes in metrics when users are limited by manual and visual analysis techniques

Advanced Techniques Are too Complex

  • Requires highly skilled resources to code and develop machine learning models
  • Not accessible to business users without extracting results to a separate BI visualization tool
  • Complex, inefficient workflow with multiple tools and duplication of data

Without an AI-Driven Guided Insights Platform

Business users wait for data experts to prepare and share reports

Miss out on opportunities hidden in volumes of data

It’s impossible to gain a real-time understanding of important metrics

Collaboration and iterating on insights between business and analysts is very difficult

It's time to modernize your data analytics stack with a better way to uncover insights across all your data

Tellius is an AI-driven decision intelligence platform that helps get relevant insights from all your data faster and easier than ever

Automated Insights

Ad Hoc Natural Language Analytics

Data Preparation at Scale

ML Modeling



Tellius makes it easy for business teams to ask questions, while providing the power and flexibility for data experts. You can finally accelerate the path from data to decision and break down the silos between BI and AI.

How it works

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Connect to your cloud data warehouses, data lakes, databases, applications, and files

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Cleanse your data, combine from disparate sources, transform data, and set up data pipelines for automated processing

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Ask Questions

Explore and visualize your data using natural language. Share findings in interactive vizpads.

Get Insights

Automate insight discovery to easily uncover important findings in your data with embedded machine learning.


Build, tune, and evaluate predictive models and visualize outputs to explain results with ease; operationalize models to business workflow

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