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Built from the ground up for cloud scale and AI, Tellius is the first decision intelligence platform to handle ad hoc query and compute-intensive ML/AI workloads, raising data scale by 100x and speeding discovery of insights from hours to seconds.





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Blazing Fast Ad Hoc Queries, Insights, & AI Powered by Dual Analytics Engine

Tellius’ unique Dual Analytics Engine is purpose-built to accelerate the entire analytical journey of insights-driven organizations, from ad hoc data exploration, to advanced insight generation, to automated and visual machine learning modeling.

Optimize Performance with 3 Data Processing Modes

Customers can utilize 3 modes simultaneously to achieve balance of performance, speed, and cost:

In-Memory Mode

In-Memory Mode caches data to boost performance; ideal for databases, application sources, and combining data from multiple sources.

Live Mode

Live Mode pushes queries down to data source for processing; ideal for analytical data warehouses and fast SQL sources.

Data Lake Mode

Data Lake Mode runs search and ML processing as Spark jobs on Hadoop nodes; ideal for utilizing shared resources in existing data lakes.

Explore Every Data Combination Across All Your Data Instantly

Automatically evaluate every combination of data points across your data silos to surface the most important findings. Combine your domain expertise with the power of automated machine learning to iterate on and refine your insights discovery process.

The Most Comprehensive Insights & Analytics Platform

Get a complete picture of what's driving your business, know precisely why things change, and how to impact performance. Fast track the path from data to decisions with unified data prep, insight generation, and machine learning/AI.

Key Driver Analysis

Trend Insights

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Cohort Comparisons

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Segments / Clusters


Natural Language Search

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Guided Insights

Machine Learning

Data Preparation

Elastic Scale

Simple, Yet Powerful

Simple for Anyone ...
  • Easy for anyone to analyze all their data by asking questions in natural language
  • Automatically chooses the most appropriate algorithms and machine learning models to uncover relevant insights
  • Generate analysis with natural language explanations to help interpret results

... Powerful for Data Experts
  • Flexibility to model and transform data using simple point-and-click tools or with custom SQL and Python
  • Build, evaluate, and tune machine learning models for custom analysis that can be shared and visualized by business users
  • Full suite of APIs allows search, automated insights, and predictive analysis to be embedded in custom applications

Dynamically Scale From Zero to Infinity

Enjoy the speed, scale, and elasticity you expect from a modern analytics experience. Rapidly analyze billions of data points across multiple sources, with near-zero maintenance to dynamically scale up or down to meet your performance needs.

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