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AI-Powered HR & People Analytics

Attract, select, retain, and grow talent more efficiently with AI-powered automated insights and natural language ad hoc analysis

HR Analytics

HR Leaders Choose Tellius

HR teams have more data than ever at their fingertips in this post-pandemic world of remote and hybrid work. Tellius AI-powered analytics provides HR teams with greater access and real-time visibility into their workforce and candidate pool with connections to HRISes, time and attendance systems, performance management systems, employee surveys and feedback, recruitment platforms, and more—to speed up hiring, increase retention rates, improve employee engagement, and much more.

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Talent Analytics

Put analytics directly into the hands of HR teams through an intuitive, Google-like search experience and dynamically generated charts and visualizations to HR questions. Share analysis and insights rapidly via drag-and-drop live dashboards, and perform analysis that might typically take days—such as root causes, key drivers, and cohort comparisons—in minutes via powerful ML-based automated insights.

Retention Optimization

Go from reactively dealing with employee churn to data-driven, targeted retention strategies to keep top talent engaged and motivated, reducing turnover costs and enhancing organizational stability and growth. ML-based automated insights of employee behavior, performance, and feedback can identify key factors influencing employee retention and satisfaction. Accessible ML modeling predicts employees at risk of leaving.

HR Analytics

Recruitment Efficiency

Identify top performance traits to better select, attract, and retain employees more efficiently via AI-powered recruitment analytics. Parse hundreds or thousands of variables within recruitment data to identify effective recruiting channels and unique characteristics of candidates who are more likely to succeed in the organization based on successful hires’ attributes, skills, and experience. Once candidates are identified, ML-based intelligent alerts notify HR teams of bottlenecks in the recruitment process based on time-to-completion of each stage benchmarked against previous hires.

Performance Management

Cohort and key driver segment analysis identifies performance hotspots and improvement areas to ultimately facilitate the development of personalized and proactive training plans that support career growth and align individual achievements with organizational objectives.

Real-Time Engagement Tracking

Gain up-to-date insights into workforce morale and engagement, enabling timely interventions to address issues and enhance overall job satisfaction and productivity. Measure employee engagement and satisfaction by analyzing survey data and other sources in real time, providing insights into employee satisfaction levels and spotting areas that require attention.

HR Analytics
  • Smart Decisions from Data

"Tellius revolutionized how our HR team uses data with a rapid, simpler way to get insights that has empowered us to make strategic recruiting and retention decisions with confidence."

HR Analytics Manager



Employee Attrition Analysis Made Easier

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