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Deploy Tellius in Minutes with AWS Marketplace

Today, we are happy to announce that the Tellius decision intelligence platform is available on AWS Marketplace.

The availability of Tellius on AWS Marketplace makes it easy for millions of current AWS customers to deploy Tellius in just minutes while leveraging integrated billing and management services. From business audiences looking for instant insights to technical users deploying large-scale analytical solutions, AWS Marketplace lets anyone make decisions faster with Tellius.

Many business users today are stuck utilizing an inefficient, makeshift analytical environment when trying to use data to help them make decisions. When trying to understand “what” drives metrics, “why” things happened, and “how” to move forward, business users must hunt through hundreds of dashboards or searches to find the key drivers hidden in their data. Tellius provides an integrated environment with an intuitive natural language search to understand the “what”, a Genius Insights engine that automates the generation of relevant, impactful insights that ranks key drivers behind change or a behavior and illustrates the “why”, and AutoML capabilities that allow anyone to understand “how” to move forward.

Organizations around the world leverage Tellius as a fast, simplified, and collaborative approach for business users, data analysts, citizen data scientists to ask questions in natural language and get quick answers and insights from their data. Powered by artificial intelligence, Tellius Genius Insights provides answers to business questions in fractions of the time of contemporary methods. With integrated data preparation and predictive machine learning, Tellius automates the analytics workflow and gets users the insights they’re looking for in just minutes.

With Apache Spark as a foundation and the AWS cloud backbone, Tellius can scale to analyze petabytes of data quickly and easily. Autoscaling means that no matter the demand, insights will always be available at your fingertips. Easily connect to and leverage your existing investments in Redshift, S3, Snowflake or any other repository on-prem or in the cloud. Decision intelligence enabled by AWS allows all users to find hidden insights across all of their data in just minutes, something that is not possible using legacy BI platforms.

Tellius is available across all commercial AWS regions starting at just $6/hour. This true consumption based pricing model allows anyone to realize savings – from the small business just getting started on their analytics journey to the large enterprise with shifting demand that only wants to pay for what they use.

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