Tellius 5.0—Unleashing Next-Generation Analytics: Where GenAI Meets Human Ingenuity

Ever find yourself looking at a dashboard full of charts, trying to understand the story behind the data?


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  • Instead of just plain charts, what if each chart came with a relevant narrative?
  • What if you could understand the insights and perspectives of the charts through comments, enabling more collaboration?
  • Or, better yet, what if you could unlock curated summaries to understand more context and better support your decisions?

With Tellius 5.0, all these what-ifs are now a reality! Just a single click reveals summaries and comments, transforming plain charts into compelling stories. Tellius 5.0 is here, converting your “huh?” moments into “aha!” moments!

We’ve revolutionized dashboards, transforming the way you interact with charts. No longer is a chart a static entity to be deciphered—it’s become a story that informs and guides you. With a blend of GenAI and human ingenuity, we’re making data analytics not just powerful, but intuitive, interactive, and collaborative. Tellius 5.0 is all about bridging the expertise gap between data analysts and business users, making data insights accessible to all, regardless of their data proficiency.

Let’s explore the next level of analytics with Tellius 5.0.

🧑‍✈️ Copilot: Your data storyteller

Last year, we introduced you to Tellius Copilot, your trusty sidekick that can generate metadata and create/validate code. This year, we’re extending Copilot with GenAI-powered natural language summaries that can instantly read your chart and provide nuggets of digestible summaries for easy consumption (no pun intended!).

With just the click of a button, you can create a curated, customized summary that distills a complex chart into concise narratives. Our AI summaries don’t just display data—they interpret it, offering context, clarity, and direction. By highlighting what matters most, these summaries are catalysts for swift, informed decision-making.

tellius copilot summaries

🔍 Blending GenAI with Tellius NLP

Our proven natural language processing (NLP) search capability is now upgraded with GenAI, enabling a deeper understanding of the intricacies and nuances of human language. The powerful combination of GenAI and Tellius’ parsing algorithm enables you to ask questions in your own words without having to conform to structured query templates.

For instance, when you say, “Show me financial gain this year,” Tellius smartly maps your request to the Profit column, even if you haven’t used the exact term (financial gain) as a synonym in your metadata. Tellius gets the context of your query, mapping it to the most relevant data points and metrics in your datasets.

By bridging the gap between natural language and dataset terminology, it caters to the diverse ways people think and communicate about their data. This sophisticated AI search of Tellius 5.0 makes advanced data analysis accessible to all users, regardless of their technical expertise.

tellius genai

Democratizing Data Through Business Context

💬 Annotations: Social network of charts

Imagine if charts weren’t just visual data, but narratives, enriched with annotations, comments, and even attached images or documents. Thanks to our “Annotations” feature, this is now a reality! Gone are the days of puzzling over charts—now, get insights directly from your team. Allowing users to annotate directly on charts and add detailed comments within table cells encourages active engagement with the data, turning viewers into participants in the data storytelling process.

This fosters a collaborative environment and transforms dashboards into an experience as engaging as browsing through your social feed. “Annotations” breaks down barriers to data literacy and democratizes the understanding of complex information for a broader audience.

tellius comments

🧑‍🏫 SmartSelect: Matchmaker for your search queries

Does finding the right Tellius Business View feel like searching for a needle in a haystack? For this month’s average sales, should you choose “Sales Trend 2024″ or “Sales Q1 2024″?

Well, fret no more.

With SmartSelect, Tellius now automatically zeroes in on the most relevant Business View based on your search terms. This feature saves you time by eliminating the guesswork involved in sifting through numerous Business Views to find the right one. Tellius directly connects you with the data most relevant to your search query, thereby enhancing productivity.

Fortifying Enterprise-Grade Management and Governance

Tellius not only delivers insightful insights but also prioritizes data integrity and reliability, catering to the data management standards of enterprises. The following features ensure that your data analysis is backed by reliable, efficient, and compliant data-handling processes. This comprehensive approach empowers enterprises to not just analyze data but manage it with confidence, making Tellius a cornerstone for data-driven decision-making.

data governance tellius🔁 Seamless data source swapping

Ever wish you could just swap out a data source without any hassle? With “Swap data source,” you can easily replace your data sources without losing the structure and integrity of your datasets. Whether the original data source needs to be updated to a more current version or replaced with a different one, dataset swapping ensures a seamless transition, minimizing downtime and maintaining continuity in data analysis efforts.

🤖 Automating data model deduplication

Tellius 5.0 tackles the challenge of duplicate data entries, ensuring that your data models remain clean and efficient. By automatically identifying and removing duplicates, Tellius streamlines data integrity, simplifies data model management, and enhances performance.

🗄️ Redefining metadata migration

We’ve enabled the smooth migration of metadata across Tellius instances, from development to production. This upgrade is all about giving you the power to manage your metadata landscape more effectively, with a healthy mix of control and customization.

🔓 Archiving/unarchiving for optimized storage

Our new “Archiving/Unarchiving” feature tackles the challenge of managing large volumes of data on limited disk storage. This feature allows users to archive datasets not in active use, significantly freeing up valuable disk space. When needed, these datasets can be effortlessly unarchived and reintegrated into analyses, ensuring your operational environment remains clutter-free yet fully functional.

Wrapping Up

From generating summaries with Copilot to fostering collaboration through Annotations, and revolutionizing data management with seamless dataset swapping and deduplication, welcome to next-generation analytics, where every click seamlessly moves you forward in a data-to-decisions journey.

Tellius 5.0 is a paradigm shift in how data is presented, understood, and discussed. It embodies the next generation of analytics, where data tells a story, collaboration builds clarity, and insights are accessible to everyone. Tellius 5.0 is setting a new standard for interactive, intuitive, and inclusive data analytics.


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