Tellius: 3x ‘Visionary’ Analytics Platform!


We’re excited to announce that Gartner has named Tellius a Visionary for the third year in a row in the 2024 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms report! Scoring a hat trick on this prestigious list showcases our value like nothing else (in our opinion!). 🤩 

But why does this matter? Why should you care about this milestone?

This post will unpack why we believe we received this distinction, what this means for our customers, and where we see the future of analytics heading.

First, what’s the Magic Quadrant? And why is it relevant?

Imagine the Magic Quadrant as the industry’s Ivy League—exclusive, elite, and incredibly hard to get into. The Magic Quadrant is the most influential vendor rankings report for the B2B analytics software market. Each year, the top vendors in the analytics and business intelligence market are meticulously evaluated, and only the crème de la crème make it into this report.

Out of an estimated 1,000 analytics vendors, only about 20 secure a spot. That’s a mere 2% acceptance rate—tougher than getting into Harvard!

Tellius logo Net-net: Debuting, then remaining a Visionary in the MQ for the last three years means we’re not your average data and analytics tool (and well worth exploring further!)


What’s Tellius? And why do we believe we’re 'Visionary'?

Tellius is the AI-native analytics platform, empowering anyone (regardless of their technical expertise) to simplify and expedite the journey from data to insights. Our platform offers:

  • Self-service answers from billions of rows of data in natural language
  • Deep automated insights (e.g., root causes, key drivers, cohort comparisons, etc.)
  • Intelligent automations to streamline and unify time-intensive analytics processes

But what sets Tellius apart in a noisy marketplace where everyone touts their large language model (LLM) integrations?

We believe our secret sauce is our comprehensive GenAI analytics stack, built on our AI-native platform. This powerful combination delivers rapid, relevant, and contextualized analytics at a scale critical for enterprises, yet unmatched in the market. 

Since our founding in 2017 with an AI-first approach, we’ve crafted layers to unlock conversational analytics that cater to both business users and technical analysts.

In other words, we’ve been leveraging AI long before it was trendy. While others hop on the GenAI bandwagon and bolt on GenAI to their existing systems—resulting in limited functionality—we’ve had AI at our core since inception to provide a seamless, intuitive, and powerful user experience. It’s the foundation upon which our platform has been built. We’ve meticulously tested where GenAI truly shines in real-world self-service analytics, striking the perfect balance between GenAI and human intelligence.

The Tellius GenAI analytics stick

Our GenAI analytics stack consists of five layers with seven key functions:

  1. Analytics Applications Layer
  2. GenAI Model (LLM layer)
  3. Semantic Data Model
  4. Compute
  5. Data
  6. Prompt Engineering & Learnings
  7. Security & Governance

genai analytics stack

  1. Analytics Applications Layer

At the forefront of our platform is the Analytics Applications Layer, where we offer best-in-class natural language querying (NLQ) and automated insights. Users can ask complex questions in plain language and quickly get answers.

This layer also includes an advanced analytics interface for predictive analytics (AutoML), allowing users to use machine learning models to predict future trends. Additionally, we have built-in, seasonality-adjusted, ML-based anomaly detection, ensuring that irregularities in data are identified accurately without false positives.

  1. GenAI Model (LLM Layer)

Our outputs are enhanced with an LLM layer. It ensures a deep contextual understanding of the natural language queries, making the analytics more relevant and nuanced. This integration provides users with context-aware insights that go beyond surface-level analysis.

  1. Semantic Data Model

This layer understands the intricate relationships between different data points while incorporating business logic to ensure that insights are not only data-driven but also contextually relevant to specific business scenarios.

  1. Compute

Our dual-engine compute layer intelligently directs queries and machine learning tasks to the appropriate live or in-memory processing engines. This ensures quick handling of massive data jobs, delivering fast and precise insights to users.

  1. Data

We seamlessly integrate with leading cloud and on-premises data lakes and databases. Additionally, we offer a lightweight last-mile data preparation tool that rapidly cleanses, transforms, and prepares data for analysis.

  1. Prompt Engineering & Learnings

We’ve developed comprehensive prompts to generate contextually relevant insights. Additionally, we’ve incorporated a continuous learning loop from our vector database, allowing the system to refine and improve output based on user interactions.

  1. Security & Governance

This layer provides extensive monitoring and auditing mechanisms, ensuring compliance and transparency, along with enterprise-grade security measures to protect the integrity of your data. We’ve thoughtfully tested LLMs and leverage the highest-performing ones for analytical workflows while allowing enterprises to bring their own keys.

Tellius logo Net-net: We believe this distinction is a result of our comprehensive generative AI analytics vision manifest in Kaiya.


What does this mean for our customers?

In a GenAI-first world, customers need more than the outdated canned reports and static visualizations they’ve seen for years. 

They operate in more dynamic business environments and have complex questions, meaning they need not just answers, but deep, actionable insights—and they need them fast to keep up with the accelerating pace of business today. 

But when you look at the journey from data to decisions, it’s often complex and fragmented. Each step—from data transformation to analysis, insights, and visualization—is performed in silos with tools that aren’t built for ad hoc exploration of large data volumes, which leads to friction and delayed insights. 

Tellius’ robust AI analytics platform unlocks true self-service AI-native analytics that transforms how customers interact with data. Instead of wading through dozens of static dashboards and canned reports and then manually piecing together an answer, we offer a GPT-like interaction with your data. Behind the scenes, our intelligent system ensures that these interactions are grounded in reality, providing reliable insights. This means you can trust the information you’re receiving without the risk of hallucinations.

A future brimming with GenAI-powered possibilities

We envision a future where the many forms of analytics—descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, prescriptive, and proactive—blend seamlessly into the background. In this future, AI will drive interactions with data that are oriented toward decisions, actions, and outcomes. We also look forward to a future where AI will take over common mundane tasks, leaving humans to focus on what truly matters—driving impactful business outcomes.  

The future is bright, and this is just the beginning of a new era. With Tellius, you’re not just keeping up with the times; you’re ahead of the curve. Join us to witness the next generation of self-service analytics! 🚀✨

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