Tellius Kaiya: Welcome to the Next Generation of Self-Service

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Introducing Tellius Kaiya: A suite of GenAI-powered tools designed to democratize data-driven decision-making for the entire organization.

Before we dive into the details behind Kaiya, let’s take a look at Tellius’ journey toward furthering the ideals of self-service analytics

self-service analytics

Since its founding, Tellius’ mission has been to advance self-service analytics and enable all users, regardless of technical knowledge, to make better data-driven decisions. Our first step toward advancing this paradigm was our industry-leading natural language search, enabling ad hoc data exploration by allowing every user to ask a business question and receive an answer in the form of a data visualization, which alleviates the burden of dashboard creation on data analysts and IT teams. The productivity gained by this functionality has allowed business users to accelerate their speed to answering critical questions, while also enabling IT to focus on more strategic tasks. 

Automated insights was the next step in self-service analytics. Automating insight generation has helped democratize access to more advanced analysis like key driver, trend, and cohort comparisons.

Tellius also offers the ability for users to dive deeper into the data to understand how each individual variable is driving business outcomes. With this new path to gaining insights, business users now move even closer to the data, helping to impart their domain knowledge into the insight generation and driving even more synergies for the organization. Automated insights has shifted some of the analysis workload from data analysts to business users and, again, helped analysts optimize their resources to focus on high-value projects. Tellius also includes AutoML, alleviating the workload on data scientists by enabling data analysts with better tools for decision-making.

Over the past year and a half, generative AI has been everywhere in the news, and with good reason: GenAI offers a tremendous opportunity to help bridge the technical understanding gap for everyone. With recent advancements, GenAI has become very good at understanding a user’s queries and intentions behind the query to generate precise and relevant responses. Previously inaccessible technical activities for some users (e.g., code creation, data analysis, and more) can now be translated with GenAI.

It has become tremendously successful at converting those everyday, or natural language-based, queries into code-based queries. GenAI can also understand complex data sets and create intuitive, easy-to-understand summaries of the information. These are some of the many reasons why GenAI is being introduced to many products as a translation layer.

The next leap in self-service analytics

Tellius Kaiya, our new suite of tools powered by generative AI, provides users with a new way to search and conduct analysis. Kaiya enables more individuals in an organization with access to high-quality, decision-ready insights. With GenAI, Kaiya enhances search, data prep, and analysis, while also creating the most intuitive experience for kick-starting data-driven decision-making available on the market today.

The foundation already built by Tellius, combined with these new GenAI-based features, represents the next leap forward in self-service analytics. 


GenAI Stories merge the simplicity of natural language search with AutoViz and GenAI Summaries to create the most intuitive ad hoc data exploration and analysis experience ever created.

With Stories, users can ask a business question in natural language and receive KPIs, visualizations, and a summary of all the key findings in easy-to-understand terminology.

Stories also recommends additional follow-up questions so users can continue to dive deeper into the data to uncover hidden insights. Stories streamline the journey from question to answer with the power of GenAI.


Data preparation is an often critical yet under-appreciated task for many organizations. Kaiya removes the burden of tedious, manual data preparation tasks by leveraging GenAI. It includes a natural language to SQL and Python translation layer, enabling more users to create complex data transformations with ease.

The GenAI package goes further to offer automated metadata creation for synonyms, column display names, and descriptions. This automated metadata generation serves to improve search precision while also saving time for data experts.


While we’ve covered finding relevant data with search and visualizing with AutoViz, identifying and action on key insights was still a relatively manual process.

Until now.

Tellius Kaiya’s GenAI Summaries short-circuit this process, translating data into usable and actionable language for every user, providing immediate context for visualizations, charts, and Vizpads by explaining trends and anomalies directly. Summaries also enable users to choose their desired brevity and tone. There’s no need to wait for an analyst or risk that a chart could be misinterpreted by end users.

tellius kaia

Tellius Kaiya in Action

The benefits of GenAI are broadly applicable to every organization and industry. Tellius Kaiya’s GenAI-based functionality enables all user categories to do more with data, from advanced analytics to data preparation tasks, pushing the boundaries of self-service analytics.

With clear and concise GenAI Summaries, CPG organizations are now able to elevate their pricing and promotion strategies by putting more advanced analytics in the hands of frontline category managers. Supply chain analysts can better understand the impacts of potential delays with GenAI Stories, providing detailed analysis and essential follow-up questions. Summaries can help field sales teams at life science companies quickly identify potential opportunities and optimize territory alignment.

Tellius Kaiya enables everyone in the organization with data-driven insights at their fingertips. The combination of search, summaries, and simple automation of data preparation tasks streamlines workflows and increases productivity for the entire organization.

We’d appreciate the opportunity to show you Tellius Kaiya in action. If you’d like to learn more, please request a demo today.


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