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Tellius to Showcase AI-Powered Trend Insights at Strata New York

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Tellius, an innovative leader in next generation business analytics for the enterprise, continues to expand on their artificial intelligence-powered analytics capabilities. At Strata Data Conference in New York, a new feature called Trend Based Insights was showcased. Trend Insights allows anyone to instantly understand changes in key metrics over time with a single button click.

Trend Based Insights adds to Tellius’ comprehensive augmented analytics toolbox that empowers non-technical business users to go beyond traditional business intelligence by harnessing the power of automation, artificial intelligence and natural-language generation. Rather than manually create dashboards to find out why revenue might have increased since last quarter, Tellius allows users to ask questions and returns answers that are easy for anyone to understand.

“Can your BI solution answer in human language why sales are down last week in certain region? With Tellius, all you have to do is ask.” said Ajay Khanna, founder and CEO of Tellius.

Tellius’ Trend Based Insights engine utilizes a variety of modern machine learning algorithms to answer questions by investigating complex relationships and identifying relevant features in the data. As part of the latest rollout, a newsfeed summary view of all automatically found insights was shown that could be optionally run on a schedule.

Analytics has become a significant competitive differentiator. In a world where businesses are data-rich and insight-poor, Tellius’ no-code augmented analytics capabilities that can segment and combine millions of variables to find unbiased insights in minutes are a game-changer. The volume of data and number of variables has grown to the point where manual exploration is impractical. With Tellius, customers can spend more time acting on intelligence.

Automation and augmented intelligence are the next frontier of analytics. Tellius is leading the evolution democratizing the power of data science.

About Tellius

Tellius AI-powered analytics solution is accelerating data insights discovery by automating the analytics workflow. Tellius automated analytics technology allows business users to have conversations with data, ask questions and get contextually relevant insights across variety of datasets. The company is headquartered in Reston, Virginia and is privately funded. For more information, visit


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