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Launching Guided Insights On-Demand to Shatter the Accessibility Barrier

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Tellius was founded with a vision of empowering everyone with an easy and smart way to get insights across their business data. Today, Tellius is taking another leap forward for our customers by making two major announcements: introducing our Guided Insights capabilities, and launching Tellius On-Demand, a SaaS application with consumption-based pricing.

Our first announcement makes the first and only Guided Insights application available to business and analytics teams so that they can quickly understand ‘what’ is driving business performance and uncover the reasons ‘why’ metrics have changed. With machine learning driven automation, anyone can get real answers from their data without relying on advanced data experts.

Why Guided Insights?  Business and data analytic teams have long suffered from manual time consuming methods to diagnose the ‘why’ across data sources. The process of finding insights across multiple data sources with billions of records and hundreds of columns presents a massive challenge of testing millions of combinations to identify the factors that most impact business outcomes. With traditional systems, users would need to create multiple dashboards and try to manually explore various combinations of data to figure out which specific city, customer demographics, marketing campaign, or other piece of information is the cause. This is a tedious and frustrating process which doesn’t scale efficiently.

With Tellius, our modern Google-like interface lets users ask questions in natural language to get instant answers across billions of records and enables deeper investigation into the metrics and behaviors of interest. Tellius takes a dramatically different approach that eliminates wasteful guesswork by examining all your data and highlighting the factors with the highest impact on your key metrics. Our unique high-performance data engine uses machine learning and AI techniques to scan hundreds of millions of factor combinations and rank the most relevant insights to surface high impact results – in seconds.

Secondly, we’ve added a quick and simple way to get up and running with our Tellius On-Demand offering. We’re making the most comprehensive Guided Insights platform available to enterprises of all sizes by removing the cost and accessibility barriers.

Why Tellius On-Demand? The rise of the On-Demand Economy has driven modern business disruption; the most obvious examples being Uber or DoorDash in consumer applications, and AWS or Snowflake in business applications. Anyone can set up a cloud computing instance or get a cloud data warehouse up and running in a matter of minutes for only a few dollars per hour. However, traditional data analysis and decisioning tools capable of processing bigger datasets require a high upfront cost and a significant resource commitment to get started.

Today, we’re launching Tellius On-Demand at a low hourly cost. Getting the answers that you need is now within reach for those millions of users previously neglected by BI and data science tools. Built from the ground up for dynamic elasticity, Tellius On-Demand lowers the cost of modern, enterprise grade data analysis as much as 70% compared to legacy analytics, data science, and visualization tools. Organizations pay only for what they use, and no longer have a barrier to start analyzing all of their data.

Sign up now and get started with uncovering insights from your business data.


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