Guided Insights: Product Deep Dive

The traditional analytical process suffers from The Great Analytics Problem – it is difficult for the business to get data-driven questions answered. Many organizations use disparate tools that require a variety of skill sets to use, resulting in a long, convoluted, inefficient process to discover actionable insights. Once you’ve wrangled your data and quantified the current situation, you’re left trying to diagnose what’s driving your metrics. What are the factors causing customers to leave in droves? What is driving a significant increase in revenue? Why is my top sales channel so much better than my bottom 3 this quarter?

Introducing Tellius Guided Insights

Today we are proud to introduce the Tellius Guided Insights platform. For details on what we’re announcing and why, check out our founder’s blog on “Launching Guided Insights On-Demand”. Below, I will showcase our new Guided Insights capabilities, as well as various enhancements we have implemented to make it easier for users to refine, iterate on, and share insights.

The current analytical process follows a fragmented, time-consuming path that spans multiple systems, data sources, and roles. Taking a walk down this path takes days or weeks, and analytical output is stale and without context for the business user.

What makes Tellius Guided Insights unique

The Tellius high-performance engine scans hundreds of millions of data combinations to identify the factors with maximum impact to key business metrics. We call these important factors “drivers”, and Tellius ranks them in order of relevance and impact – in seconds – and then presents them to the user in a consumable, easy to understand format called “insights”.

This approach is dramatically different and requires no SQL, Python or specialized tools. The Tellius Guided Insights engine cuts down manual analysis with:

  • Automated data quality checks and data featurization, such as null handling and binning of continuous values
  • Automatic feature generation such as extracting day of the week from the date column
  • Automated model selection based upon business objective
  • Rankings based on relevance, impact, and user inputs
  • Easy to understand, usable output
  • Enables users to interact, edit and explore insights
  • Allows quick action by sharing instantly with business teams

Tellius Guided insights empowers users with a seamless user experience, moving easily from the “what” to the “why” to the “how” of any question. This guided experience significantly cuts down analysis time by up to 85% – allowing organizations to work more effectively and react faster to the ever changing environment that they compete in.

Guided Insights in Action

Now let’s look at an example. When exploring data, users can simply click on any data point and click “Drivers” to automatically kick off an automated data analysis job. Below we ask a simple question around monthly revenue using Tellius Guided Search. A user can simply click on an interesting data point, and a menu appears.


In this case we were looking at monthly revenue, and noticed a large drop in July 2018. Clicking ‘Drivers’ will automatically tell us what drove the revenue change in July, why it may have changed, and expose interesting segments within the drop. This is called a trend driver insight:

Trend Drivers is an example of an insight that ranks the major drivers and causes of a change over time. In this example, we can see that orders from Texas, production from Site 570, and Direct sales are the main drivers behind the 97% drop from June to July. The ‘slicing-and-dicing’ of data is done for you!

Tellius provides different types of Auto-Insights that can be applied to customer’s data. Below we are exploring Customer Health to determine which customers are most at risk to leave for a competitor.

In this example, we want to understand our most “at risk” customers – and Tellius will answer that question for us with one click. The segment driver insight below exposes the most important variables that contribute to CustomerHealth, and then identifies the segments within your data that are most likely to be at risk.

Another new feature is the ability to iterate analysis from directly within the Guided Insight itself. This allows for domain experts to apply their business knowledge and expertise to help shape how insights are uncovered. For the above Segment Driver, let’s say that we want to exclude Income from our analysis and look only at the 25-35 age segment. After clicking Edit, we can easily iterate by including or excluding features, or filtering based upon any of our dimensions.

Enhanced Capabilities for Exploration and Interaction

Tellius has also introduced enhanced capabilities around exploring and sharing insights. We have made it significantly easier to change between different visualizations and to make configuration & formatting adjustments. See below for our beautiful UI enhancements.

You will see that we have redesigned the entire right panel starting with the Search Inspector, that gives full transparency to the user and lets them understand exactly how Tellius interpreted their question.

We’ve also added totally new Configuration and Formatting panels. The Configuration panel features a new drag & drop interface that allows the user to quickly change what information their visualization is displaying. The formatting panel introduces significantly more control over colors, labels, legends, and more.

Along with the new interface is a reimagined Vizpad experience, built from the ground up to allow for enhanced storytelling and insight presentation. Vizpads now feature a grid layout, with a smooth drag & drop interface and quick point-and-click configuration for making changes and adding new visuals. We’ve also introduced tabs, more flexible objects, and controls.


Our mission is to make it easier for anyone to understand their data. Today’s availability of our Guided Insights platform enables single-click answers to complex questions, shrinking the time-to-insight from days to minutes. Combining deeper insights with a beautiful user interface will make the data stories you tell easier for anyone to consume.

Sign up now and get started with uncovering insights from your business data.


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