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Tellius Partners with Google Cloud to Provide Enterprises with Multi-Cloud Augmented Analytics

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Breakthrough AI-Powered Analytics is Certified to Run on Google Cloud Platform and Accelerates New Value from Complex Data for GCP Customers

RESTON, Va., July 24, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Tellius, a leading provider of AI-powered augmented analytics software, today announced the company has joined the Google Cloud Partner Program. Through the partnership, the Tellius Search and AI-Powered Analytics platform is certified to run on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Customers deploying on public clouds now have extended multi-cloud support to run Tellius on the Google Cloud Platform in addition to Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure.

Organizations leverage Tellius as a fast, simplified, and collaborative approach for business users, data analysts, citizen data scientists, and data engineers to visualize enterprise data using natural language and voice, discover insights assisted by AI, and automate machine learning across all their business data at scale.

“With our partners at Google Cloud, we are delivering innovative data analytics to accelerate a company’s journey to not just becoming a data-driven organization, but an AI-driven organization,” said Ajay Khanna, Founder and CEO of Tellius. “The partnership enables customers to establish a scalable infrastructure for data analytics that is intuitive for all users, offers massive productivity gains powered by machine learning, and enables critical – but all too often, inadequate – collaboration between business users and data professionals.”

In addition to being certified to run on the Google Cloud Platform, which is becoming the go-to cloud platform for enterprises with large and complex data, Tellius has developed deep integrations with Google BigQuery and Google Analytics. Tellius provides an integrated enterprise layer to analyze multi-terabyte datasets stored and transformed on BigQuery, Google’s scalable modern cloud data warehouse which has an in-memory BI Engine and machine learning built-in.

“Customers demand flexibility, agility, and scalability in the modern age of data and analytics,” said Hardik Chheda, Head of Product at Tellius. “Our work on the Google Cloud Platform, BigQuery, and other Google services demonstrate our ability to deliver a superior analytics experience working with all kinds of enterprise data at scale, enabling users to have voice-enabled conversations with their data, discover AI-powered insights, and predict outcomes using built-in machine learning in milliseconds.”

Tellius for Google Cloud allows users to:

  • Leverage Google Cloud Platform for augmented analytics – Tellius is certified to run on the Google Compute Engine to take advantage of Google Cloud’s speed, scalability, and affordability.
  • Utilize in-database processing for interactive analytics – Unlike most analytics tools, Tellius enables users to interactively query and visualize petabytes of data in a resource-efficient way, without extracting or moving data from source systems. Deep product integration makes this possible with Google BigQuery.
  • Run automated machine learning and AI-driven analysis across data sources – Tellius has built-in connectors to cloud databases such as Google BigQuery, cloud applications such as Google Analytics, and many cloud and on-premises systems, so customers can harmonize disparate data and discover advanced insights hidden from across sources.
  • Improve choice with hybrid and multi-cloud – Tellius is a platform that can be deployed across on-premises, public, and private clouds without fear of vendor lock-in.

Tellius for Google Cloud is now available. To learn more, schedule a demonstration of the Tellius Search and AI-Powered Analytics Platform.


About Tellius
Tellius is leading the era of intelligent analytics with an augmented analytics platform powered by AI and machine learning so anyone can ask questions in natural language and discover hidden insights at scale. Created by a team with deep expertise in big data analytics and automated intelligence, Tellius accelerates data-driven insight and decision making for companies in many industries such as retail, media, and financial services. Connect with us at LinkedIn, Twitter, or visit


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