Tellius and Braze: Empowering Marketers to Improve Data-Driven Decision-Making

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Marketing teams must capture an abundance of data to understand a 360-degree view of their customers and prospects. However, getting the right value from this data can often be a tedious process, requiring requests to BI engineers and data scientists. 

With a new partnership between Braze and Tellius, marketing professionals can answer “what,” “why,” and “how” types of questions to optimize their interactions throughout the marketing funnel. 

Upskilling marketing analysts with Tellius

Great marketing teams are composed of individuals who can read and react: knowing where and how to meet their customers and prospects with impactful content. 

With growing amounts of data collected at each stage in the marketing journey, there’s a lot marketers need to consider before making decisions. Often, this has required data experts to get involved with marketing analytics, forcing marketing teams to make requests for dashboards or insights to review. This can cause a frustrating bottleneck that may lead marketing teams to make decisions using instinct or experience, rather than with data.

Tellius’ decision intelligence platform enables marketing professionals to get the answers they need without waiting in line for an overloaded analytics team to fulfill their request. Using Tellius’ natural language search and automated insights, marketers can upskill and easily make data-driven decisions

In addition, data professionals can ensure their marketing counterparts are using clean and correct data sources through Tellius’ data preparation layer. Data scientists can even create models and provide results back to the marketing decision-makers, establishing a unified and collaborative analytics ecosystem.

Braze data collection and access

Braze is a leading comprehensive customer engagement platform that powers interactions between consumers and brands they love. With Braze, global brands can ingest and process customer data in real time, orchestrate and optimize contextually relevant, cross-channel marketing campaigns, and continuously evolve their customer engagement strategies.

Braze is built to be the most flexible platform for data activation. Brands can easily ingest data directly from a data warehouse for further personalization and segmentation. And once campaigns in Braze are up and running, granular event-level data can be streamed back to a a data warehouse, where analysts can build reporting and analytics functions that leverage this data. Learn more about Braze Currents to export your data to your data warehouse of choice, or read more about the Braze Cloud Data Integrations with Snowflake and Amazon Redshift.

Using Tellius and Braze to understand customer churn

Once your Braze data is accessible in Snowflake or another data warehouse, you can easily connect to Tellius to begin answering ad hoc questions and generating automated insights to drive your marketing decisions. 

Understanding customer churn is a key use case for the Tellius and Braze partnership. Marketing teams need to understand which cohorts of customers have a high likelihood of churning in order to improve relationships and increase retention. Leveraging large volumes of granular data can be challenging and time-consuming, but Tellius enables marketing teams to be more proactive about their churn monitoring. You can read more about customer churn analytics here.

How to get started

See how your organization can get started with Tellius through a free trial, or if you’d like to see Tellius in action, request a demo. Collaborating with Tellius and Braze will enable your marketing teams to get the most out of your data and ensure the best engagement with your customers.


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