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Ajay Khanna For Dataversity: How to Leave Your BI Dashboards Behind and Discover Real Insights

Recently, Tellius CEO Ajay Khanna had the opportunity to give his take on legacy BI applications to Dataversity: a leading producer of education resources for business and IT professionals on the uses and management of data.

According to Ajay:

“There is currently a massive insights gap caused by silos between business intelligence (BI) dashboards and machine learning (ML) and AI tools that is preventing organizations from capturing new business opportunities hidden in their data… 59% of companies have an AI strategy but only 10% report significant financial benefits from implementing it. This investment in AI tools hasn’t been matched with new BI tools, as many organizations aren’t getting what they need from their existing BI dashboards.”

You can read Ajay’s full article on Dataversity here!


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