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As the AI and pharmaceutical landscape evolves at an unprecedented pace, staying ahead from the brand side requires a radical shift in how commercial execution leverages insights and analytics to influence winning strategies. 

Join industry experts Laura Montealegre (Principal, ZS) and Arpit Chopra (Associate Principal, ZS) for key lessons learned in 2023 and a deep dive into how to stay ahead of the curve of pharma commercial execution in 2024.

In this 45-minute webinar, we'll delve into bright spots and growth areas for:

  • GenAI for commercial pharma analytics
  • The importance of data products
  • Making informed strategic decisions based on real-time insights into brand perception, market trends, and competitive landscape drive customer engagement, clear differentiation, and continuous brand health monitoring.

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Chris Walker
Director of Product Marketing

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AI-Powered Commercial Pharma Brand Performance


AI-Powered Commercial Pharma Brand Performance

Jan. 31, 2024


Lessons from 2023 and Strategies to Optimize in 2024

Brand Performance Lessons from 2023 and Strategies to Optimize in 2024

Laura Montealegre    Principal

Arpit Chopra   Associate Principal