AI-Powered Analytics for Market Access & Revenue Management

Generate new insights to drive market access and pull-through efficiencies

Getting the right drugs into the right hands at the right price is critical to commercial success for life science organizations. But market access and revenue teams face numerous challenges gaining and maintaining favorable access, especially with today’s complex healthcare and payer systems, reimbursement policies, and siloed data and analytics environments.

Tellius alleviates these burdens by enabling an intuitive question-and-answer approach to solving difficult access-related questions of all your first- and third-party data (e.g., IQVIA). It also offers robust, AI-powered automated insights and accessible advanced analytics to support the end-to-end process of revenue generation (access and sales), revenue management (finance and contracting), and revenue risk mitigation (compliance assurance).

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Market Access Strategy, Planning & Optimization

Pricing & Incentive Optimization

Design and measure effective pricing and discount strategies across different market segments and regions. Track payer responsiveness to pricing and policy changes, auto-generating reports on how price adjustments impact revenue streams, including government pricing—e.g., AMP, Best Price (BP), Average Selling Price (ASP), and Coverage Gap Discount Program payments)—and reconcile against priors. Manage, reconcile, and track the impact of pricing and benefit design changes.

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Contract Negotiation / Contract Operations

Use holistic pre-deal contract modeling through manufacturer, payer/customer, and competitor POV revenue forensics to recoup and mitigate duplicate rebates, 340B diversion, and double-dipping.

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HCP Targeting

AI-powered analytics enables market access and home office teams to identify access growth opportunities by identifying HCPs with favorable access yet low prescription levels. This is made possible by overlaying granular access data with third-party HCP prescription data, combined with automated insights and multiple visualization options, outputting a target HCP list easily shared with field reps.

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Revenue Operations & Management

Market Access Performance Monitoring & Optimization

Market access and brand teams can use Tellius to track access performance across brands, geographies, and segments in real time, based on a unified view of sales, formulary, and third-party data from IQVIA and Symphony. Natural language-based queries and automated insights reveal the impact of market access changes on commercial performance so teams can course-correct quickly to market events.

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Formulary Monitoring

Tellius enables market access and brand teams to monitor access changes and brand performance in real time. This enables teams to more quickly identify opportunities and risks. It can also inform reimbursement contract negotiations.

formulary monitoring

Gross-to-Net (GTN) Optimization

Automated insights help diagnose revenue leakage and provide visibility into key revenue and profitability drivers to maximize performance to ultimately improve pull-through and the bottom line. Point-and-click data exploration and auto-visualization allow for rapid scenario planning based on market access, contract strategy drivers, and key financial indicators.

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Revenue Operations & Management

Rebate, Chargeback, & Compliance Analytics

Identify and prevent revenue leakage through overpayment of rebates and administration fees, managed care contract rebates, and payer concessions. Reconcile chargeback claims from wholesalers/distributors, as well as track Medicaid payments and monitor compliance with regulatory requirements. AI-powered insights generation and anomaly detection compare coverage and policy changes to spot costly discrepancies and detect fraud in patient assistance and copay card programs through machine learning to help save millions in wastage.

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Improved Forecast Accuracy & Planning

A complete view of your organization’s data allows for more accurate forecasts. Point-and-click ML modeling allows domain experts to identify patterns, trends, and seasonality. Alerting provides teams with the ability to capture real-time demand signals and better inform their forecasting. The Tellius AI-powered analytics platform provides domain experts with data-driven decision-making to better inform forecasting.

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Predict Impact of Access Changes

Identifying and predicting the impact of access changes across payers is more of an art than a science today. Tellius changes this. The platform’s AI-powered automated insights quickly highlight the impact of real-time access changes across payers to your brands—and can go the next step to predict the impact of potential access change scenarios via AutoML, better informing contract discussions and negotiations and, ultimately, driving profitability.

Market Access predict
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Why Tellius for Market Access

OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY. Accelerate analyzing formulary changes, claims, and reimbursement data in natural language; automate root cause analysis with AI; and enhance collaboration across market access, revenue, and compliance teams on a single platform.

REVENUE GROWTH. Optimize contract performance through data-driven pricing and rebate strategies; improve forecast accuracy through real-time ML models; and maximize revenue capture through access performance tracking and pull-through reporting.

RISK MITIGATION. Spot rebate anomalies, market share shifts, and competitor threats faster via AI-powered proactive intelligence; reduce fraud; and promptly identify potential risks and threats, allowing proactive adjustments to pricing and benefit designs, and mitigating risks associated with market share shifts and competitor actions.

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