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Field Sales Analytics

Maximize commercial effectiveness with AI-powered insights and analytics

Field sales and home office teams are critical to a life sciences firm’s commercial success. But with sales and marketing expenses making up 15-30% of a typical pharmaceutical firm’s total revenue, an ever-changing competitive landscape, an increased R&D focus on bringing to market more specialty medicines with smaller patient populations, and access restrictions of field reps to healthcare professionals (HCPs), pressure has never been greater on this team to show a return on field investment. A data-driven approach to commercial operations is an important piece of the puzzle. However, even this has its challenges, including data fragmentation, quality issues, and a growing need for accessible advanced analytics (for forecasting, planning, HCP targeting, etc.).

These challenges impact the efficiency and accuracy of sales operations. AI-powered analytics can help.

AI-Powered Analytics for Commercial Pharma Effectiveness

Field sales and home office teams at numerous leading global pharmaceutical and biotech firms use Tellius each day to track field activities, market dynamics, sales drivers and opportunities, and more—making better decisions around sales force sizing, territory alignment, and incentive compensation to cost-effectively gain market share.

Tellius works by connecting disparate data sources—prescriber, patient, market, sales, finance, digital, third-party (e.g. IQVIA and Symphony), and much more—and upon this connected unified source, offering:

  • A Google-like natural language search interface and AutoViz layer for ad hoc exploration
  • Intuitive point-and-click live dashboarding, reporting, and embedded analytics
  • Robust automated insights to isolate key drivers, root causes, and anomalies
  • Accessible advanced analytics, such as AutoML, for HCP targeting

This allows commercial teams to analyze their data rapidly, spot trends and anomalies, and apply advanced analytics without an army of data scientists so they can democratize data access, enhance collaboration, optimize sales, and increase field force efficiency by reacting faster and adapting strategies to local changes in market dynamics on the fly, grow market share, and minimize risk.
Field Sales Analytics

Field Force Tracking & Reporting Automation

Tellius transforms field sales reporting with data-driven performance benchmarks and self-serve capabilities for reps and home office teams to answer their own ad hoc questions. It does this by automating field force tracking and reporting efforts by integrating with sales, marketing, CRM, patient, financial, inventory, and third-party data sources and outputting easily consumable live dashboards and reports. It also allows anyone to easily perform multi-level drills and natural language-based ad hoc analysis.

Subnational Insights

Automated insights expedite the detection of key drivers of subnational performance, unseen trends, and anomaly detection. This allows commercial teams to gain a deeper understanding of customers to make more informed, data-driven decisions and better execute on commercial and brand strategies.

Proactive Sales Intelligence

Tellius features ML-based anomaly detection, as well as threshold-based alerting, so your team is proactively alerted when trend breaks occur in market share. In turn, field and home office teams can course-correct faster and minimize risks or capitalize on market opportunities.

HCP Targeting & Personalized Messaging

Maximize omnichannel campaign performance by delivering actionable insights to the field with personalized messaging, customized outreach cadences, and targeted HCP outreach lists. Tellius features no-code, AI-based HCP targeting whereby ML algorithms are trained on HCPs prescribing similar drugs to help your reps cut through the noise and spot the right writers with the highest propensity to focus sales efforts.

Customer Success Story

The home office team at a leading pharmaceutical company was seeking a smarter way to target HCPs. Using Tellius, they were able to easily overlay a prescriber’s access level versus units sold to produce a color-coded quadrant to identify HCPs who had favorable access yet were not writing as much of the drug as expected. The field team used this targeted list and real-world evidence to demonstrate treatment efficacy to these “underperforming” HCPs, increasing market share and bringing this lifesaving drug to more patients than ever before.

Why Tellius for Pharma Sales Force Effectiveness Analytics

  • Automatically analyze millions of data points to identify true drivers and root causes of sales force effectiveness.
  • Ask and answer market trend and customer behavior-related questions to identify the levers to pull to ramp up sales.
  • Unify internal and third-party data, perform last-mile data prep as necessary, and dive into analysis faster in one place.
  • Predict which HCPs will drive profitability through AutoML and accessible ML modeling capabilities.

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