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IDC Names Tellius As An IDC Innovator In Business Intelligence And Decisioning Software Solutions

Recently, IDC’s Senior Research Analyst, Raymond Huo compiled a list of companies that are innovators in the Business Intelligence and Decisioning Software spaces. These companies were listed as emerging vendors that have an innovative new technology or a groundbreaking business model. We’re proud to say that Tellius was among these companies!

Why Was Tellius Chosen As an IDC Innovator?

According to Huo “Tellius’ decision intelligence platform transforms the data analyst workflow through AI/ML-based automation of each step in the process, from data prep to insights development to recommendations for action and user interactivity. Users’ actions, either through natural language queries or on-screen interaction, initiate either simple or complex queries executed by two specialized query engines.”


The report shows that Tellius’ platform leverages NLP, AI, ML & SQL to automate and support all steps in the decision-making process, and that this support helps decrease user time spent on manual tasks like data discovery and data prep. Additionally, the platform is architected for the cloud and includes two separate query engines for its’ targeted users consisting of business analysts, data analysts, and data scientists. 

What Makes Tellius Stand Out?

A number of Tellius’ features were showcased in Huo’s report

These features include:

  • Tellius’ ability to extend AI/ML-driven automation across the entire analytics life cycle
  • A range of data analysis techniques that enable root cause analysis, key driver identification, segmentation & more that create recommendations for action. 
  • User interactivity that is enabled through NLP-based search and voice capabilities
  • Natural language-based explanations of insights and recommendations.
  • Tellius’ ability to live query underlying data warehouse or pull data into the platform’s in-memory engine

These amongst other factors are a major reason as to why Tellius stands in a league of its own. But don’t just take our word for it, take Tellius for a free 14-day spin today to find out for yourself!


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