Introducing Tellius’ Interactive Product Roadmap: Where Users Can Shape the Product

tellius interactive product roadmap

Hello, data wizards! Have you ever looked at a feature and thought, “Hey, I have an idea that could make this even better!” Or have you ever found yourself thinking, “I wonder what the product team is up to next?” Well, we’ve got good news for you! Tellius 4.2 comes with an exciting new feature that answers these questions. Welcome to the interactive product roadmap!

🎬 Lights, Camera, Collaboration!

The stage of product development where ideas transform into features and abstract concepts evolve into tangible tools often occurs behind the curtain—which can lead to a disconnect between the product team’s perceptions and the users’ actual needs. But what if there were a way to bring users into this stage, make them a part of the process, and bridge the gap between the creators and the users? This is where the concept of an interactive roadmap comes into play, shattering traditional norms and providing a fresh perspective on product development.

We’re thrilled to bring in a feature that makes you an integral part of our journey. The interactive product roadmap not only offers a sneak peek into what’s brewing in the Tellius lab but also lets you pitch your ideas and have a say in the product’s evolution. With this new feature, you get an all-access pass to witness, understand, and influence our development journey.

tellius product roadmap

💪 Interactive vs. traditional roadmap: Breaking the norms

Traditional product roadmaps are usually a one-way street, often presented with little room for feedback or contributions from the users. Interactive roadmaps, on the other hand, are a game-changer. They maintain the key elements of a standard roadmap but introduce a crucial twist: user interaction. They pivot from a monologue to a dialogue.

By blurring the lines between “product makers” and “product consumers,” our interactive roadmap creates an environment where users can contribute their ideas, upvote the most relevant features, and provide feedback. It’s a dynamic, democratic, and user-centric approach to product development. It doesn’t just let users see the future—it lets them help shape it.

We understand that no one knows the strengths and weaknesses of a product better than those who use it daily. We wanted to create a space where our product team and our users could coexist, interact, and collaborate on shaping Tellius’ future. And that’s why this roadmap isn’t just about us telling what’s coming—it’s about our users having a voice, suggesting improvements, and helping us understand what truly matters to them.

Tellius Product Roadmap 2

🏄 Diving into the feature

Head over to Help → Tellius Product Roadmap. Our product updates are sorted into four categories:

Tellius Product Roadmap 3

Under Consideration: These are the ideas and features that have sparked our interest and are being evaluated based on your feedback. It’s a melting pot of potential game-changers.

Planned: Once a feature passes the consideration stage, it transitions to the planned phase. Here, we turn these ideas into reality, laying the groundwork and initial plans.

In-Progress: This section consists of the features that have made it to the engineering phase, where our team is actively working on turning these ideas into tangible features.

Launched: Here, you can find the successful features that are ready and available for use in the latest Tellius version.

Beyond just observing, you can influence our roadmap directly. Each feature, no matter the stage, comes with a voting option where you can rate its importance on a scale of 0 to 3:

  • 0 – “Not Important”
  • 1 – “Nice-to-have”
  • 2 – “Important”
  • 3 – “Critical”

Tellius Product Roadmap

This helps us understand the relative value of each feature, allowing us to align our priorities with your needs. The higher a feature’s aggregate rating, the higher it goes on our priority list.

Got a game-changing idea in mind? Great, we’d love to hear it! Here’s how you can submit:

  • Click on the Submit Idea button at the top right corner.
  • Fill in your idea and its importance.
  • Provide your official email address and hit Submit.

tellius product roadmap submit new idea

Your idea will then become part of our roadmap, and other users will be able to view and vote on it. It’s a true community collaboration!

🤝 Building Tellius together

The goal of the interactive product roadmap is simple: to tailor Tellius according to users’ needs. It’s a platform where users have a direct hand in shaping Tellius’ future. Through idea submissions, voting, and providing feedback, users’ influence is not just valued—it’s vital. We believe that the most successful products are built when users feel heard, when they can influence the product’s development, and when their ideas become a part of the product’s growth journey. In essence, we want to create a product with our users, for our users.

We hope you’re as excited about this feature as we are. Get on board with Tellius 4.2 today, and let’s craft the future of data intelligence together! Stay tuned for more exciting updates! 🎉


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