Tellius 4.2 is Here: Self-Service to the Next Level

tellius 4.2 new product features

Can you relate to any of these scenarios when you’re using Tellius?

“Wouldn’t it be cool if there were a way to track and spot anomalies in real time? It’d be great to sort them out proactively as they pop up, rather than cleaning up the mess afterwards.”

“I could really use some help with the initial set of search queries for each dataset. I get a little lost when I’m staring at a blank slate.”

“It’s kinda’ frustrating when this query always gets delayed. I wish there were a way to pinpoint which resource is messing things up… It’d sure make troubleshooting a whole lot easier!”

“I’m curious what the product team is cooking up next. They might be up to something that could be a big win for me. How do I get the scoop on this? Oh, and I’ve got this awesome idea that could really help folks like me. How can I get this across to them?”

If any of these thoughts sound familiar, you’re going to be excited about Tellius 4.2.

In this release, we’re zeroing in on innovations to help customers expand self-service analytics throughout their organization by ensuring they can get real-time insights from live data, making it easier for them to create interactive data experiences, and providing easier ways for them to onboard new users. Dive in to learn more about the features introduced in 4.2.

Instant insights from dynamic data

Feed for live datasets – Tellius already has live, zero-data-movement connections, delivering fast and up-to-date insights. Now, we’ve extended this capability to Feed, where you can monitor metrics from live datasets without any data transfer between Tellius and the data source. Email alerts will be triggered for any anomalies in the tracked metric, allowing you to proactively tackle potential issues before they arise.

Support for market share change – In addition to our existing out-of-the-box features that support visualization of market shares and comparative year-on-year KPI analysis, our latest release now allows you to instantly view market share fluctuations. For example, you can identify the shifts in market share for Nike sneakers between India and the U.S. in 2022.

Synapse and Snowflake PrivateLink – Expanding our lineup of 30+ connectors, we’ve rolled out Azure Synapse to help you connect with and query live datasets. We’ve also provided PrivateLink support for Snowflake users to safeguard their data within virtual private clouds or on-prem networks.

Fostering quicker adoption and onboarding

Customizable Search Guide Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a ready-made set of search queries for each dataset you work with? That’s exactly what our customized Search Guide offers! Now, admins can fine-tune search queries and their categories, offering users a tailored starting point and simplifying the onboarding process.

Redesigned control filters With newly revamped control filters, you can easily apply Vizpads on filters. With a user-centric approach, we’ve dramatically redesigned the control filters (adding search, sorting, and nested lists) to make the Vizpad building process more efficient and intuitive.

Direct code application – Zip through your insights journey by applying code directly to your datasets. No more detours to save it to the code library first.

Build trust with transparency

Time tracker for chart loading – You know that moment when you’re waiting for your query to load, and you’re not sure if it’s you, Tellius, or that external data source that’s slowing things down? Tellius actively tracks and shows the time consumed by both Tellius and any external data sources, putting an end to the guesswork. Basically, you’ll get X-ray vision into your query performance. 

Interactive product roadmap – Ever wanted to have a say in what Tellius is cooking up next? Well, here’s your chance! Now, you can submit your product ideas and vote on planned features. The more votes a feature gets, the higher it climbs on our list. 

Metadata on audit logs – Additional record details are always a bonus—they help you get a better view of the bigger picture. We’ve fine-tuned our audit logs to refresh every 15 minutes and included more details: source IP address, username, and timestamp. This means you’ll always have the most comprehensive and up-to-date records.

Minor fixes = massive impact

That’s not all! Here’s a look at some more changes made in 4.2:

  • We’ve given Feed reports a little facelift, giving a clearer, more organized view.
  • We’ve made calculated columns more user-friendly with the addition of metadata—synonyms and column descriptions. Now, you can refer to them easily and view their underlying calculations. 
  • We’ve added more customization to the data labels of treemaps, 100% stacked bar charts, pie charts, and donut charts so you can create the right data view for your needs.
  • The data labels of treemaps can display both dimensions and measures, making the charts more informative.

Learn more about 4.2

As cliche as this might sound, none of these features would have taken flight without the unwavering dedication and relentless efforts of our engineering team. So here’s a massive shout-out to the stellar Tellius engineering squad! 

To get a more detailed look at all the changes in 4.2, check out our release notes. And don’t hesitate to send us your suggestions and feedback at We always love to hear from you!


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