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4 Things That Make Tellius and Snowflake Great Together

Now more than ever, it is essential for data-driven organizations to consolidate data from many applications and sources and make it easy to unlock insights from all their data at scale. To support this mission, thousands of organizations are making the move to the Snowflake cloud data platform. Technology leaders understand that rapidly expanding data volumes combined with the growth of user-driven analytics requires a scalable, flexible, zero-maintenance data foundation in the cloud like Snowflake.

We’re partners with Snowflake because they provide a great platform that unifies data and provides the world’s easiest access to that data, all while being cost effective for their customers. Our goal is to go the last mile and extend access to that Snowflake data to data analysts and business teams users who today are underserved by analytics.

For most enterprises, finding insights is a complex, difficult endeavor because of legacy data analytics environment built for on-premises and fixed infrastructure, BI tools optimized for aggregated data and small data volumes, and visual analysis tools that require manual slicing-and-dicing of data. Complex data analysis can take hours, if not days, and fails to serve decision makers who demand instant answers and self-service analytics.

Organizations around the world are embracing Tellius Decision Intelligence working in top of Snowflake cloud data platform in order to augment their analytics environment and provide a tool that is built to accelerate and simplify data analysis more than business intelligence ever could. Tellius allows anyone to supercharge the entire analytical process with AI-Driven Guided Insights and a Google-like interface for true natural language query. Tellius applies machine learning algorithms and automated statistical analysis for users to seamlessly understand ‘what’ happened in their business, to ‘why’ key metrics changed, and finally ‘how’ to improve performance.

Tellius unlocks the power of your Snowflake data with 4 powerful integrations:

1. Live Query for Exploration of Data In-Place

Data teams often prefer to keep data in the warehouse, as much as possible, without having to move it for analysis. Tellius leverages Snowflake’s cloud data platform for interactive exploration and analysis, allowing for in-database queries without moving data out of Snowflake.

Tellius decision intelligence unlocks the value of Snowflake’s cloud data platform by applying AI to live data, finding insights where a user cannot using manual analysis.

This also means that answers to questions are always up-to-date: you can move at the speed of your data without waiting for data to be extracted, reports to update, or dashboards to repopulate.

2. Dynamic Elasticity, Scalability, and Flexibility

Tellius is the only analytical platform that can serve up AI-Driven Guided Insights with the same level of elasticity, scalability, and flexibility offered by Snowflake. Our native cloud, distributed architecture means that we can automatically add and shrink resources on-demand based on current workloads, with zero user maintenance. Best of all, Tellius also offers consumption based pricing, so customers only pay for what they use!

Compare this to your current BI and search deployments. You’re either paying for fixed servers that are greater than your peak demand, or performance suffers because you’re undersized and can’t scale on-demand.

Cloud deployments are poorly utilized without an elastic, on-demand scaling architecture — something that Tellius and Snowflake have in common.

3. Self-Service Data Preparation at Scale

One drawback of traditional analytics tools is that they require significant data preparation from data engineers using complex ELT tools, before any work can be done.

Using Snowflake alone means that users need to learn SQL, and a trusted process must be put in place to allow users to make changes to the golden record.

Tellius features an intuitive, point-and-click user interface for connecting and preparing data sources. No SQL knowledge required — meaning that a business user can create calculated columns, ratios, flags and more, on their own, without having to wait for a data specialist to create a new metric. And we do offer the ability to run custom SQL and Python when complex needs do arise.

4. Write-back Data to Snowflake

The power of data-driven decision making doesn’t lie only in descriptive and diagnostic analytics — it means applying predictive analytics and key insights to create frameworks for impacting change.

Our decision intelligence tool enables users to find what, why and most importantly how to impact change. Tellius AutoML can create predictive models based on the latest machine learning techniques, allowing users to take action.

Our writeback capability means that users have the ability — if the enterprise allows them — to write their transformed data or results of predictive models back to Snowflake. This unlocks even more value, as predictions are now able to be accessed by any other tool connected to Snowflake.

So come join us

The water is warmer, the sky is a deeper shade of blue, and the business users are happy — in the world of decision intelligence powered by Snowflake and Tellius.


See Tellius and Snowflake in action in this recent webinar.


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