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Commercial pharmaceutical field sales and home office teams are facing the perfect storm of challenges to reaching their revenue goals, including harder to reach/influence HCPs (a sales effectiveness problem), difficulty determining brand performance drivers from abundant data (a root cause analysis problem), and staying on top of competitive and market dynamics on a subnational level (a competitive analysis problem).
Watch as Tellius and pharmaceutical industry experts from ZS discuss how leading pharma companies are applying AI-driven approaches to improving field force effectiveness, brand insights generation, marketing strategies, and overall efficiency. 

Webinar: AI-Powered Field Sales & Home Office Teams

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Tuesday, July 11, 2023
11am ET / 8am PT

In the rapidly evolving landscape of enterprise analytics, generative AI (GenAI) stands as a pivotal force, fundamentally redefining how data is leveraged across industries. By streamlining the workflows of diverse personas, including data analysts, data experts, and business users, GenAI is democratizing data analytics like never before. 

This revolution is not just about automating mundane tasks—it's about freeing up valuable time for stakeholders to focus on strategic initiatives that drive meaningful business outcomes.

However, navigating the GenAI integration presents its own set of challenges. With the analytics ecosystem constantly in flux, it can be daunting to pinpoint where GenAI practically fits best within your organization and where it might not be as effective. We’re here to demystify it!

Why attend?

  • Discover how GenAI simplifies complex workflows, enabling a more inclusive environment for insight generation
  • Learn how embracing GenAI within your analytics processes can keep you ahead, agile, and adaptive in a competitive landscape.
  • Future-proof your analytics teams with the latest advancements in Tellius 5.0


AI-Powered Field Sales & Home Office Teams

Field sales leaders will learn strategies for:

• Leveraging AI to enhance geographic sales analysis & execution
• Optimizing HCP targeting through advanced analytics
• Improving responsiveness to market dynamics & competitive threats
• Gaining Insights on territory performance with respect to quota attainments

Enhance field force effectiveness with the power of AI analytics

Home office leaders (brand, insights, and analytics leads) will gain insights into:

• Techniques for conducting comprehensive brand performance & competitor analysis using AI
• Strategies for using subnational insights to inform targeted marketing & sales initiatives
• Practical applications and real-world success stories of AI analytics in enhancing brand strategies

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Seerat Arora

Kapil Pant

Mike Marolda

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