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Brand Insights

Get faster and more granular brand and competitive performance analysis

Brand analysis is tougher today than ever before. Customer targeting, segmentation, behavioral analysis, marketing mix modeling, performance driver analysis, and product launch analytics are challenging not due to a lack of data, but rather, the sheer abundance and diversity of data: prescriber, patient, market, sales, finance, digital, and third-party (IQVIA, Symphony, etc.). The landscape is in flux too—competitive, formulary, and regulatory—as are growing needs across the business.

Failing to meet brand and commercial analytics needs can lead to costly mistakes and missed brand opportunities. AI-powered analytics can help.

AI-Powered Analytics for Commercial Insights

Tellius is a leading AI-powered analytics platform that enables anyone to easily ask ad hoc questions about their full data, perform deep analysis more efficiently, and make advanced analytics more accessible. This is possible through a Google-like natural language search interface, best-fit visualization results, intuitive live dashboarding/reporting/sharing, deep automated insights, and accessible advanced analytics.

This allows brand analytics teams to analyze their data rapidly, spot trends and anomalies, and apply advanced analytics without an army of data scientists—to course-correct brand actions faster, capitalize on opportunities more efficiently, grow market share, and minimize risk.
Brand Analysis

Brand Performance Drivers Analysis

Tracking brand performance across products, geographies, and prescribers—and uncovering drivers and patterns—is dramatically faster with Tellius. Our AI analytics platform automates brand tracking and reporting by integrating with disparate internal and external data sources and outputting easily consumable live dashboards and reports that are fully drillable and shareable. Natural language query gives brand teams unparalleled ease of analysis into patient profiles and segments; new therapy starts and switches; treatment patterns; sources of business; usage/prescription/procedure volume comparisons compared to competitors, and much more.

Competitive Tracking & Market Share Analysis

Monitoring competitive dynamics, formulary movements, and market share changes is challenging with legacy BI platforms that lack granular views into the underlying data and contextual insights to make informed decisions. Tellius features natural language ad hoc exploration of all your various data sources, as well as ML-based anomaly detection and threshold-based alerting so your team is proactively notified when market share trend breaks occur with the change and the reason for the change so you can course-correct faster and capitalize on market opportunities.

Product Launch Analytics

Tellius helps brand teams maximize the impact of launches by enabling easier benchmarking of previous launches via lightweight data enrichment so you can have a better sense of what to expect from an upcoming launch. Tellius’ automated market access change tracking allows brand teams to see how long it takes formularies to cover particular drugs, which can inform new rollouts. Post-launch, Tellius helps monitor brand health by automatically tracking key customer segments and specialty groups for brand uptake and switching behaviors.

Multichannel & Omnichannel HCP Engagement

Tellius helps brand teams create 360-degree views of individual HCPs and target segments based on a wide variety of data—interactions, HCP characteristics, and competitive dynamics—for greater personalization and targeting efforts. This holistic view allows brand teams to derive insights and identify the most impactful touch points with individual HCPs based on prescribing preferences. This ensures the right treatments reach the right patients at the right time—in turn, informing ongoing improvements to HCP prioritization, marketing mix, and product positioning and messaging.

Customer Success Story

The brand analytics team at a global biopharma company was struggling to segment and target HCPs due to their inability to rapidly combine available first- and third-party data to formulate a comprehensive 360-degree view of the HCP. However, Tellius makes combining internal and external data from IQVIA, Symphony, and other sources easy. The result was optimized sales and marketing resources via better-targeted, personalized HCP engagement.

Why Tellius for Pharma Sales Force Effectiveness Analytics

  • Spot hidden patterns between HCP and patient behavior and product performance.
  • Dive deep into brand changes in natural language (no SQL necessary!).
  • Easily connect, blend, query, and draw insights from a variety of internal and syndicated (third-party) data sources.
  • Proactively monitor brand health, removing painful manual processes.

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