Tellius Fall 2023 Trifecta: Deciphering AI, Turbocharging Insights, and Expanding Data Horizons

Tellius Fall 2023 Release

The fall 2023 release has landed 🛬, and it’s packed with features you’ve asked for, with some delightful surprises to simplify your workflow. 🎉

This release isn’t about skimming the surface; we’re here to dig into the “why” behind the “what,” ensuring you see the entire picture of your insights. Let’s uncover the full story together! 🚀

  • Ever find yourself trying to figure out why a certain prediction was made? Well, no more! Our new explainable AI charts offer individual prediction explanations. No more black-box predictions!
  • We’ve turbocharged our insights, slashing computation time by 98%—while the all-new Insight mode is a whopping 88 times faster.
  • And if you’ve been looking to pull in data from a wider range of platforms, we’ve got an array of new data integrations waiting just for you.

Let’s dive into the fall 2023 release.

Demystifying AI with explainable AI charts 🪄

Black-box predictions are risky. Although we try to make sense of them, all too often we find ourselves lost in their complexity. Our new explainable AI charts are designed to provide a visual breakdown of various factors that have influenced each machine learning model’s predictions.


A comprehensive table showcases all the columns in the Business View. The table isn’t just a static view—users can interact with the chart, selecting rows of interest to see how different inputs influenced the predictions. They can understand which features hold the most weight so that they can see how tweaking certain variables could potentially alter the predicted outcome. This ensures users know not only what the prediction is but also why a particular prediction came to be.

  • By providing clear insights into the reasons and variables influencing predictions, we equip users with the information they need to make decisions with confidence. 
  • Whether it’s identifying potential pitfalls, understanding outlier predictions, or merely getting a holistic view of how the model operates, our explainable AI charts cater to them all.
  • By understanding what’s driving predictions, you’re better equipped to anticipate and mitigate any risks or anomalies. You’re not just seeing the end result; you’re getting the whole story.

Turbocharged Insights now 88x faster⚡

With our revamped Insights feature, you can cut the waiting time, get actionable insights, and have that “aha!” moment, all within a few seconds. The results? Insights that trim 98% of your computation time! With turbocharged Insights, we promise not just faster results, but a deeper, clearer understanding of the why behind your data.

Sure, speed is fantastic. But we understand that everyone’s analysis needs might not be the same. So, we’ve introduced three distinct Insight modes:



  • Instant mode: For those moments when you say “I wanted this yesterday!” Enjoy rapid insights with a two-step drill-down.
  • Fast mode: Dive a bit deeper with a three-step analysis. Perfect for times when you want more detail without compromising too much on time.
  • DeepDive mode: When you need to leave no stone unturned. Experience the full array of Insight capabilities, including “Segment” details.

By excluding “Segments,” the all-new Instant mode offers 88x faster Insights. This means faster analysis and more breathing room for other tasks.

When the stakes are high and the clock is ticking, having these modes in your toolkit can make all the difference! Let’s see how these modes can help different people in different situations.

Instant mode 🚀

Picture a marketing analyst, Marie, who is on the move and needs quick answers during spontaneous meetings.

  • When she’s asked about the latest social media stats, the Instant mode immediately shows her there’s a 20% drop in engagement on the company’s latest Instagram post.
  • A deeper look reveals that the dip is largely associated with users in the age bracket of 18-25.

Equipped with this rapid insight, Marie decides to tweak the content strategy for this demographic to make it resonate more with their tastes.

Fast mode 🏎️

Meet Evan, an e-commerce analyst, who’s detail-oriented but pressed for time. Identifying a sharp decline in sales of a recently launched gadget, Evan turns to Fast mode.

  • He observes that although site visits have remained consistent, the conversion rate for the new gadget has decreased.
  • Looking further, he finds that a majority of cart abandonments occur right after customers visit the product reviews section.
  • His final dive reveals that the negative reviews predominantly come from a store located on Lincoln St.

Determined to rectify the situation, he decides to initiate an on-site investigation of the store, arrange a staff training session, and also consider a quality check of the batch sold at that location. From observation to solution, all in three steps.

DeepDive mode 🧐

This mode is perfect for meticulous strategists like Felix, a finance analyst.

  • Investigating why the quarterly profits took a hit, he identifies that the Oregon division underperformed.
  • Within that division, the product innovation team had increased their operational costs. 
  • From “Segments,” he discovered that those expenses were tied to a failed initiative that faced unexpected expenditures in licensing and third-party collaborations. 

But that’s not all! Our revamped UI ensures that switching between the WHAT, WHY, and SEGMENT tabs feels smooth and intuitive. With our innovative “Understand Why” button, you can seamlessly transition from the what of your insights to the why behind them. Whether you’re skimming the surface or digging deeper, the “Understand Why” button illuminates the story behind every insight.



Expanding our connectors lineup ⏩

We’ve ramped up our data integrations, starting with Google Cloud Platform’s (GCP) Cloud SQL. This allows you to seamlessly access your MySQL, MSSQL, and PostgreSQL cloud SQL instances directly from the Tellius platform. And for those leveraging AlloyDB, we’ve got you covered with a direct connection via the AlloyDB Auth Proxy.


We’ve also integrated with Looker Modeler, bridging the gap between two powerful platforms. Sync your Looker data models directly into Tellius via the Looker JDBC Interface. Say goodbye to manual exports and hello to real-time Looker data analysis within Tellius.

Snowflake users can also integrate Azure AD and Okta as external token providers. They’ll also get notified about re-authentication once their 90-day cycle is up, ensuring continuous, smooth data-sourcing from Snowflake. With the addition of more data connectors to the lineup, you can benefit from streamlined workflows and reduced data silos.

A glimpse at other mighty features 💪

🧐 Precision matters: With our revamped Search module, improve the accuracy of your search query results by 15%.

💽 Data access, uninterrupted: Say goodbye to long waiting times, data discrepancies, and connectivity issues. With direct data storage on the Tellius disk, you can effortlessly access previous dataset versions, ensuring uninterrupted data access.

🔍 Temporal analytics at your fingertips: We’ve introduced a couple of time period comparisons in our search queries:

  • Compare a chosen period against its immediate predecessor. (Example: sales of the last 10 days [A] vs. the 10 days prior to [A])
  • Measure your performance against the same time frame from the last year—perfect for capturing seasonal trends or gauging annual growth. (Example: Sales for the last 4 weeks this year vs. the same 4 weeks last year)

🗼Watchtower for background tasks: Monitor asynchronous background activities in real time with the new “Background Tasks” tab. Enjoy faster debugging, quicker resolutions, and complete transparency.

🎯 Median for hitting that bullseye: Discover the power of the median as an aggregation and search keyword across Tellius. Ideal for datasets with outliers or skewed distributions, offering a more accurate representation of the data’s central value.

📅 Intuitive date-picking: Whether it’s predefined periods like “last 3 weeks” or custom date ranges, our revamped time-picker ensures an intuitive and user-friendly experience for selecting date ranges.

A little behind-the-scenes peek for you: our teams have been pouring heart, soul, and endless cups of coffee into this fall 2023 release. Every feature was crafted with a whole lot of passion, dedication, and probably a hint of caffeine! A colossal shoutout to our incredible engineering and QA teams for their tireless efforts and for making the fall 2023 release a reality.

We’ve packed this release with so many user-centric goodies that we don’t want you to miss out on! Watch our release webinar for a virtual walkthrough of all features. 


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