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Tellius’ CEO Ajay Khanna Featured In Forbes For Mission To Close The Data Insights Gap

Recently, Tellius CEO Ajay Khanna had the opportunity to speak with Karen Walker, Contributor: Leadership and Leadership Strategy for Forbes. Karen and Ajay discussed how Tellius is combining AI and machine learning-driven automation with a natural language search interface for ad hoc exploration.

When asked about how Tellius is uncovering ‘blind spots’ with data, Ajay said the following:

“Machine learning is just classification – “good time” segments when things are working and “bad time” segments when they aren’t.  For some of these questions, people go to data scientists and spend a few days or weeks to get the answers. That is a slow process, and you can only answer a few questions, depending on the data scientists.

Tellius enabled the ability to democratize this – you click a button in your BI dashboard and drill down from there. That button triggers machine learning algorithms – finding the difference between the “good time” and the “bad time” and then surfacing that to the user. The analyst, who understands the business, can discard irrelevant or unchangeable factors, and then they iterate. After a few iterations, you can get to the answer, which is a good combination of human domain expertise and what the machine can show you.”

You can read Karen & Ajay’s full interview here!


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