Tellius Celebrates International Women’s Day by Announcing ‘Women of Tellius’

women of tellius

“I can promise you that women working together—linked, informed, and educated—can bring peace and prosperity to this forsaken planet.”

-Isabelle Allende

On this year’s International Women’s Day, Tellius is proud to announce its first employee resource group, Women of Tellius. Senior Account Executive Josalyn Annette, who spearheaded the formation of the group, shares her perspective on the importance of the initiative:

As a female in the tech industry, I have found myself at a struggle with various forms of self-abnegation. At the start of my career, I frequently wondered if the advancement of my career would depend on an ability to do as I was told even if I believed there was a better or different way. I remember believing that because of my gender, my upbringing, and social class, I would never be afforded the same amount of respect or opportunities as my male colleagues. Further, the few women I found and admired in leadership were seemingly inaccessible as I witnessed them juggling motherhood, a career, and navigating a system that has inherently been designed for men. 

Through much recognition and reflection, I began to wonder what my world would look like if I presented my thoughts, work, and efforts with the same confidence I found came naturally to the men that filled most of the spaces I happened upon. I wondered if other women had felt the way I did and if they had also repressed their ideas or concerns in the workplace for fear of invalidity because of their gender. I began to actively pursue female mentorship and community amongst the roles I have held in various organizations since. This pursuit presented me with a mission of ensuring that equality and empowerment be both present and accessible for women, minorities, and other marginalized identities, in any organization I am to be part of. 

It brings me great pride to leverage my experiences in initiating Tellius’ first employee resource group, dedicated to the women of Tellius. Our mission is to support and empower the Women of Tellius to achieve their full potential by embracing our company, communities, and various cultures to achieve ultimate success in our careers. 

This group is made possible by the women of Tellius who desire a safe space to freely express their wins and challenges while sharing their experiences, in hopes to maintain a sustainable balance between working and living. 

“A diverse workforce is critical to our success at Tellius,” says Ajay Khanna, founder and CEO of Tellius. “I’m very excited for the launch of Women at Tellius, especially since it was a grassroots effort. The full leadership team and I are committed to ensuring Tellius is a place where everyone can be highly successful.”

We’re tremendously excited about the launch of this group and look forward to sharing updates on our initiatives to come.


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