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Consumer goods and retail companies have long had access to vast amounts of transaction and market data that contains details for every SKU sold to every customer through every channel. Now more than ever, commercial success relies on harnessing that data to answer questions such as: How have my top customer segments changed over time? Why are products selling better in some channels and regions? Which marketing vehicles reach the most customers?

See how AI-driven analytics helps consumer brands and sellers gain competitive advantages by answering data-driven questions like these faster and easier than ever.

Watch this 30-minute webinar to learn:

  • How consumer brands and retailers are applying AI-driven analytics to identify growth opportunities faster
  • How to uncover changes in market share and consumer behavior easier through analytics automation
  • How to mash up market, consumer, and transactional data across multiple sources and discover trends across your data silos

"WOW - identifying pockets of growth and customer segments takes just a few minutes - from asking a question to seeing previously hidden insights.”

Director of Analytics, Fortune 50 Enterprise

Shopper Insights Revealed

Identify Consumer Trends & Patterns Faster with AI-Driven Analytics


Shopper Insights Revealed 

Identify Consumer Trends & Patterns Faster with AI-Driven Analytics