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Get the instant insights you've always expected from your business data

Tellius analyzes billions of data points across your sources to automatically uncover the 'What' & 'Why' in your data, reducing the time to analyze data from hours to minutes.

Discover Insights Automatically and Effortlessly

  • Sales Analysis

    Why did sales increase last quarter?

  • Customer Segmentation

    What drove customer churn last week?

  • Marketing Performance

    Why did conversions increase this month?

  • Logistics Analysis

    What caused late shipments last week?

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Discover hidden trends and key drivers automatically, saving countless hours of manual analysis, and building confidence in your data.

Work Smarter, Not Harder
  • Discover key business drivers and hidden trends

    Discover key business drivers and hidden trends

    Go beyond dashboards that just tell you what is happening in your business by discovering the WHY behind the what. Understand the business drivers underlying your key performance indicators and learn what segments are driving change.

  • Uncover the story in your data

    Uncover the story in your data

    Understanding your business and building deep insight is more than just pretty charts. Tellius automatically provides the narrative in plain English alongside visualizations to help you quickly interpret what the data is telling you.

  • Powerful insights faster than ever

    Powerful insights faster than ever

    Manual analysis with spreadsheets and data discovery tools can't keep up with the pace of new business questions that arise everyday. Put the power of data science in everyone's hands to put business users back in the driver's seat.

  • Big, complex data is no problem

    Big, complex data is no problem

    Tellius' high performance computation engine easily handles billions rows of data coming from disparate sources. There is no need to build cubes or manually preprocess data before users can start asking questions.

Key features of Tellius Genius Insights

  • Built-in Intelligence

    Built-in Intelligence

    AI-powered insights are available to anyone through natural language query, exploring dashboards, or building a data story with a simple click.

  • Embedded Machine Learning

    Embedded Machine Learning

    Machine Learning algorithms automatically discover deep insights, finding hidden trends, correlations, and anomalies that would take countless hours to uncover.

  • Scalable Data Architecture

    Scalable Data Architecture

    By leveraging in-memory computation of Apache Spark, Tellius FastQuery engine, and a distributed architecture, users instantly analyze billions of data points to discover hidden insights.

  • No data modeling required

    No data modeling required

    No need for manual pre-processing of data. Once data is loaded into our engine, it is ready for instant analysis.