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AI-Powered Analytics for Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences Companies

Unleash powerful decision intelligence from your prescriber, patient, and market data with AI-driven automated insights and natural language ad hoc analysis

Pharma Analytics Leaders Choose Tellius

Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies have experienced unbounded growth of data across all facets of the business. Commercial success now relies on harnessing that data at scale and eliminating bottlenecks in the traditional analytics workflow. Tellius AI analytics helps life science organizations analyze data from internal and third-party sources faster and more easily to improve decision-making in areas such as commercial effectiveness, brand insights, market access, and quality.

Field Sales Analytics

Monitor and optimize field activities and engagements with Tellius automated field force tracking and reporting system. Spot new opportunities as machine learning algorithms detect unexpected spikes in switches and new patient initiations at the sub-national and territory level. Stay ahead of market shifts with proactive alerts triggered by trend disruptions in market share. Improve sales force effectiveness by homing in on high-propensity writers and personalized messaging through the advanced ML-based HCP targeting solution.

Learn how a biotech firm leverages an HCP targeting ML model to identify 30% new sales opportunities, driving multimillion-dollar revenue.

Field Sales Analytics Use Case

Brand Insights

Analyze brand and competitive performance faster and in more detail through AI-powered brand performance driver analysis. Tellius tracks market share changes, formulary movements, promotion responses, and competitive movements in real time and for users to interact with in natural language. Improve drug launches to monitor brand uptake and switching behaviors for faster course correction. Create 360-degree views of individual HCPs for multichannel and omnichannel HCP engagement analytics.

Read how a midsized pharmaceutical firm identified and addressed a market event to increase the brand’s market share by 7%, contributing $7.19 million in sales.

Brand Insights Use Case

Self-Service Analytics

Democratize data access and enable more people throughout the organization to get answers on their own. Break free from the bottlenecks of the traditional analytics workflow and bring analytics agility with AI-powered self-service insights. Enable domain experts with natural language search and automated insights to drive more value across the organization.

Learn how a global pharmaceutical company is driving 53X ROI by unlocking the power self-service analytics for their Commercial and Finance teams.

Market Access

Unify data from multiple sources—such as sales, formulary, and third-party data from IQVIA and Symphony—to leverage the power of AI-powered analytics to track and optimize access performance across brands, geographies, and segments. Go beyond BI reports and predict the impact of access changes across payers. Compare historic deal assumptions versus actual performance to better inform access negotiations. Build strong, outcomes-based narratives around the efficacy, safety, cost-effectiveness of your therapeutics for optimal formulary placement.

Read how a global pharmaceutical company’s new drug gained favorable access status, leading to a successful market launch and subsequent strong adoption, using AI analytics.

Market Access Use Case

Payer Analytics

Make smarter contracting and reimbursement decisions through AI-powered rebate utilization tracking, formulary and plan-level performance management, rebate/cash flow forecasting, and disputable rebate dollar detection.

Learn how the managed market finance team at a global pharmaceutical company cut down analysis time from 3 weeks to 4 days (81% efficacy gain) and uncovered $5M per year in disputable rebate dollars.

Payer Analytics Use Case

Quality Analytics

Enhance pharmaceutical manufacturing quality management and efficiency while mitigating risks via AI-powered manufacturing quality analytics for insights into delay/variation root causes, quality forecasting, supplier performance monitoring, and demand forecasting.

A leading pharma firm minimizes variation into ordering patterns and supply utilization through ML-/AI-based automated trend spotting and clustering.

Supply Chain & Quality Use Case
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  • Integrated Insights
  • Commercial Analytics
  • Market Insights

“Our goal is to get therapeutics to the right patient at the right time. If an analyst were to perform data analysis from scratch, it would take them a couple of hours. It’s a huge productivity gain to plug questions into Tellius, use natural language, and provide immediate answers to leadership."


Integrated Insights

“I have no data science background whatsoever. Tellius has allowed my team to do these analyses that we never would have been able to do, especially just using business intelligence dashboards. We use this tool on a daily basis.”


Commercial Analytics

“Tellius is the only system that delivers insights at such speed and ease by analyzing volumes of data from external third-party and internal sources. We can analyze market share at granular levels and spot new growth opportunities that we never could using traditional BI tools.”

Senior Director

Market Access Analytics Insights

Resources for Pharma & Life Sciences

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Boost Pharma Brand Performance

Tellius can be leveraged to more easily perform an analysis of a drug’s commercial performance using third-party pharmaceutical sales data combined with internal sales and operations data.

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