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The 2022 Gartner® Magic QuadrantTM for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms is based on the rigorous evaluation of 20 vendors on both the completeness of vision each vendor sets forth and their ability to execute on it.  

The 2022 Gartner® Magic QuadrantTM for Analytics and BI Platforms includes:

  • A uniform set of evaluation criteria – so you can easily compare BI tools
  • An independent analysis of how each vendor aligns to Gartner’s criteria on vision and execution
  • A quick visual take of the BI landscape - so you instantly see who has been recognized

Accelerate Your Journey From Data to Decisions

The Tellius AI-Driven Decision Intelligence platform enables business users and analytics teams to quickly understand reasons and key drivers for business behaviors and get instant answers using natural language.

Comprehensive AI-Driven 

Automate complex data analysis to uncover root causes, understand key business drivers, compare cohorts, and identify meaningful segments in your data.

Blazing Fast Analysis Across All Your Data

Instantly surface insights hidden across your data silos. Extract important findings by analyzing billions of data points from multiple sources in seconds.

AI/ML for Data Analysts and 
Business Teams

Put advanced analysis into the hands of more people. Bring together the power of domain expertise and data science insights.


Decision intelligence breaks down the artificial barriers in tools, processes, and teams, allowing anyone to quickly and collaboratively answer what, why, and how questions of their unaggregated data to ultimately make better decisions. 

This technology is making data-driven decisions a reality for organizations of all shapes and sizes, unlocking access to advanced AI-powered analytics for every business user (even those without technical expertise).

The Rise of AI & Augmented Analytics for Better Business Outcomes

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  • The 5 key benefits of decision intelligence

  • How decision intelligence fits into the modern data stack

  • The 7 core capabilities of decision intelligence platforms

  • Use cases for driving better business outcomes from data

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The Definitive Guide to Decision Intelligence

The Definitive Guide to Decision Intelligence

Definitive Guide to Decision Intelligence

Rise of AI & Augmented Analytics for Better Business Outcomes