The need for the modern analytics team to discover insights from multiple sources of data and make them accessible to the business has never been greater. The problem is that traditional, siloed approaches to data preparation, visual analysis, and even data science, causes friction in the process and has been far too manual, making it difficult for you to gain the competitive advantage you hope for.

Join our next webinar to learn how the essential components of the Data Analytics Stack 2.0 gives your organization the power, speed, and flexibility to transform raw business data to trusted self-service insights driven by AI.

Empower your analytics team with breakthrough speed, productivity, and flexibility

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"Tellius is a scalable analytics BI platform built from the ground-up using AI, natural language processing, and predictive analytics. Whether you are a business user, data analyst, or citizen data scientist, you will find that Tellius is designed to meet your needs and is a refreshing departure from traditional BI tools."

Wayne Eckerson, Founder and Principal Consultant

The Eckerson Group

Alvin Wong

Director of Marketing

Nick Pinero

Analytics Solutions Architect

In this 45-minute webinar, Tellius will showcase:

  • How modern analytics empowers data analysts, data engineers, and citizen data scientists to quickly deliver trusted insights
  • Self-service analytics with natural language and machine learning automation that boost ease of use for business users
  • Common obstacles to adoption of AI in the enterprise and how to overcome them

Data Analytics Stack 2.0

Data Analytics Stack 2.0

The Key to AI Transformation for Modern Analytics Teams



The Key to AI Transformation for the Modern Analytics Team