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Augmented Analytics Transforms Marketing and Early Case Assessment at a Global Law Firm

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The Opportunity: Gain a Competitive Advantage by Empowering Data-Driven Culture

Peter Geovanes is the Head of Data Strategy, AI, and Analytics at a top 100 law firm. The $1B firm employs over 1,000 attorneys spread across 16 offices in the United States, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Peter was looking to build a data-driven culture, which would enable everyone in the firm – from case teams and marketing to finance and operations – to access information, surface new insights, and make better decisions for case strategy, in order to find and accelerate opportunities to increase revenue, improve profitability, and offer best representation to clients.

Challenges: Siloed Data, Slow Time-to-Insights, Lack of Self-Service

The challenges presented by the firm’s data analytics environment were extensive. The firm used point solutions for every part of the business, so there was no centralized ERP for operations nor a data warehouse as a central repository. Peter also wanted to incorporate data from third-party vendors into the analysis, so having a unified view of data was important.

In addition, the incumbant analytical tools were outdated and overly complicated. Analysts would spend many hours each day manually manipulating data and creating reports and queries to answer questions posed by case teams and the business. Self-service intelligence was missing from their analytics portfolio.


“Tellius gives the firm a competitive advantage by revealing new business opportunities and insight into case strategies never-seen-before from internal and external third-party data – instantly, and with a single-click.”

– Peter Geovanes, Top 100 Data and Analytics Innovator 2018, Head of Data Strategy, AI, and Analytics, Am Law 100 Law Firm


Why Tellius

Peter evaluated several analytics platforms and chose Tellius for the following reasons:

  • Data Preparation and Unification. The firm is able to combine data from multiple sources, including accounting, case management, and external third-party data feeds. Data in different formats is harmonized, enriched to highlight the important signals and metrics, and joined together to create unified views for analysis. Complex, diverse data now serves multiple departments across the business.
  • Automated Analytics. Instead of spending days performing data analysis, Tellius highlights underlying patterns, segments, and outliers in the data in seconds, revealing insights that the business had never seen before and helping the business identify areas of new business opportunity and process improvement. For example, the system identifies spikes in certain types of cases and alerts the business development team to act on the uptick in these cases.
  • Self-service with Natural Language. Peter wanted to empower more people throughout the business with data, including the non-technical users. Tellius allows anyone to simply ask questions of their data in natural language with search-driven analytics and also easily interact and drill into the visualizations. Attorneys enjoy the self-service case data research they never had access to before.
  • Built-in Machine Learning Modeling. Tellius supports Peter’s plan to advance the firm’s journey into advanced and predictive analytics. With machine learning modeling capabilities built-in, tackling challenges such as client retention, cross-selling, sales forecasting, and talent management analytics are within reach without having to invest in a separate system.
  • Total Cost of Ownership. With Tellius, Peter avoids the high per-user fees associated with typical business intelligence implementations. The firm now maximizes the benefits of analytics by scaling its use throughout the enterprise.


“Tellius search-driven analytics gives non-technical users newfound ability to interrogate data across multiple source systems in natural language and empower the firm’s data-driven culture.”


Implementation Highlights

  • 100+ Users: Partners, Associates, Paralegals, Analysts, Marketing, Finance, Data Analytics Teams
  • 15+ Data Sources: Finance, HR, Case Management, Sharepoint, Internal and External Data Sources
  • Days to Seconds: Newfound insights are surfaced in seconds with a single click, versus days spent wrangling data and building reports
  • 10x growth: The marketing team reduces the time to identify new business opportunity by 90%.

Tellius empowers the “data-driven lawyer” at the firm and has boosted productivity for attorneys, as well as marketing, operations, and analytics teams. Attorneys can work with data using the skills they have (by asking questions and “interrogating” the data) instead of skills they do not have (writing SQL). Attorney productivity has gone up, reducing legal research time, so they can serve more clients in the same amount of time. The firm’s clients also know that they have the best representation because they have a data advantage.


Download Peter Geovanes Customer Success Story in PDF.


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