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AI-Powered Inventory Optimization

Generate new insights to drive efficiencies in inventory management

Inventory Optimization Analytics

Inventory 360

Establishing a comprehensive view of your data resources is challenging for most organizations. From IoT devices to supplier and third-party data, Tellius helps organizations create a 360-degree view of all their data resources. Combine internal data with external data from suppliers, retailers, and market research companies with simple data preparation tools to unlock new insights into your inventory optimization processes.

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Reduce Stockouts & Minimize Carry Costs

Establishing a perfect balance between demand and available stock seems like an impossible task. With real-time visibility into all of your organization’s data, Tellius enables supply chain teams to respond quickly to changing customer behavior. Built-in alerting with anomaly detection helps to minimize carrying costs when inventory is low and allows supply chain teams to optimize reorder points more effectively.

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Improved Customer Satisfaction

Meet customer needs and boost retention through better insights into replenishment optimization. Automated insights enable a deeper understanding of root causes behind supplier issues and key drivers of consumer preferences. AutoML capabilities allow supply chain teams to more accurately estimate delivery times from suppliers.

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Minimize Waste

Improve the management of inventory levels, product quality, and resource allocation with AI-powered analytics. Accurately calculate safety stock levels with advanced analytical capabilities, and continuously monitor inventory via your dedicated feed, alerting, and Vizpads. Use real-time data from sensors to monitor quality control and detect quality issues as they arise.

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Inventory Optimization Use Case

Improve demand forecasting accuracy, inventory optimization, supply chain efficiency, and risk management

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