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Every CPG organization has an enormous amount of data from market intelligence to shopper insights and external data from Nielsen and IRi. In addition, the sheer number of SKUs and items is in the millions at many CPG companies. How you access, analyze, and present the data to key stakeholders is a manual, labor intensive process. There is a need for an analytical tool that is simplistic, scalable, and also repeatable.

AI analytics empowers CPG organizations to find incremental revenue from category white space. In this webinar, we will discuss how a combination of M2E Advisory’s 5-Why approach and AI analytics can help you drive revenue growth by identifying product gaps, aligning pricing, and understanding promotional intent to make better decisions. We will also walk through how a multi-billion dollar home improvement retailer was able to identify $2b in incremental revenue by using this approach.

In this webinar, we'll touch on how to:

  • Organize CPG data in a way that makes the process repeatable and scalable across the organization
  • Use natural language search to improve data access and discovery leading to better decision-making
  • Leverage instant root cause analysis to influence decisions and drive immediate value for the entire business

Featured speakers:

Steve Miller
Managing partner

Mike Marolda
Senior manager, product marketing

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Check out our newly released eBook, The Tellius Guide to AI Analytics for CPG Companies

Accelerating CPG Organizations' Decisions

Watch On Demand

Accelerating CPG Organizations' Decisions


With a 360 View of Data and AI-Powered Analytics