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2021 has been a year of innovation and evolution in data analytics, and 2022 will only see more dramatic shifts ahead. Whether it's the augmentation of business intelligence with AI, the collision path of cloud data warehouse and data lake technologies, or the upskilling of data-driven teams everywhere, there are a lot of exciting shifts to stay on top of. 

Join tech evangelists, Donald Farmer and Alvin Wong, as they break down the top trends and predictions in data analytics so you can build a better plan for your analytics initiatives in 2022.

Download this 30-minute webinar as we discuss:

  • Top trends in data analytics that enable organizations to leapfrog their analytics maturity and accelerate value from data
  • How business and data teams meet organizational and growth challenges through upskilling and innovative technologies
  • Where the modern analytics experience is headed and how it impacts plans for how the modern data stack is built

Trends in Data Analytics & AI-Driven Intelligence for 2022



Trends in Data Analytics & AI-Driven Intelligence for 2022

Learn what trends will impact your analytics plans in 2022

Alvin Wong,
Marketing Director

Donald Farmer,
Treehive Strategy